Three Little Pigs Bento

threePigsSmall-testSometimes we all love to PIG OUT and kiddo loves meatballs. So we had some leftovers from dinner last night (cannot believe that). She did however horde the last few meatballs after dinner and claimed them as her own. So I told her she could have them for lunch.

This cute pig bento had to be three little pigs because of the 3 yummy meatballs. I just put them on top of some lettuce and decorated their little faces with DF and GF cheeses. I also put a bit of sprinkles for eye colors and added some hat picks.

In the other container I just did a fruit and veg medley and added some carrot butterfly cutouts.

Totally simple and totally easy to make!

Momma Says : Tip to cuteness and balance it try to do things in uneven numbers like the 3 meatballs, it would not look as good if it was 4. So Try adding or taking one thing away from a group you will see it makes the difference.

Three Little Pigs Bento


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