Amazing Tips For a Microwave Oven

microwave oven

A microwave oven can be found in almost every household, no wonder. This extremely convenient device allows the dishes to be reheated in a few minutes so that every meal does not have to be prepared from the beginning, but more food can be prepared at once and transferred to the refrigerator to wait. Indeed, the microwave is used in many households several times a day. Nevertheless, several of us use the same program for all microwaveable foods. Today’s micros are versatile and handy helpers for everyday bustles and are for many more than just reheating.

The easy-to-use basic microphone is an enduring favorite

A simple and very traditional microwave is still popular. The merits of such a microwave oven are the low cost and the very easy to use functions. The models are also often reasonably small in size so that they also fit well in the openings made in the microwaves, which are typical of new apartment buildings. For the reasons mentioned above, such a so-called “basic micro” is a good choice for a senior household or student apartment, for example, as your first microwave oven.

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With the grill resistor, you conjured up barbecue delicacies in the microwave

Nowadays, it is possible to choose the best microwave oven, which in addition to reheating also makes it possible to cook food. The food prepared with the grill heater gives a tasty and crunchy surface, in the same way as when prepared in the oven, but much faster. This significantly increases the number of recipes that can be made with a micro. Some of these microwave ovens, such as those with Whirlpool’s Crisp function, also add color to the bottom of the food. This is done with the help of a scratching pad.

Do you still want to embed a micro in your furniture? You will also find integrated microwaves in our selection.

Energy-efficient and fast defrosting for frozen foods

The microwave is an important device for those who enjoy plenty of frozen food. Many foods can also be heated or cooled in the oven or stove, but the most energy-efficient and fastest option is often to use a microwave nonetheless. Many microwave models today have an automatic defrost program to select the weight and type of food. The micro then gently digests the food with optimal settings.

In the microwave, you also prepare healthy steamed food

State-of-the-art steam cooking has been popular for a long time and now it is also successful in the microwave. Steam cooking is a gentle way to prepare food as it helps to preserve the vitamins and nutrients in the food better compared to many other cooking methods. Steam cooking works a little differently in different microwaves – for example, Samsung supplies some of its microwave ovens with a glass container with a lid for steam cooking, which traps moisture in it and helps you cook food efficiently but gently. Take a closer look at the different steam cooking methods offered by microwaves in each product’s own description.

Oven and microwave features in the same appliance

A compact oven, or in Finnish a compact oven, is a convection oven with micro functions. The conveniently sized unit is smaller than a conventional oven but includes the best of both worlds. It works especially well as an extra oven space when you cook a lot of food at once but is also very suitable as the only oven for a smaller apartment. Typically, the devices in the compact oven range are integrable, i.e. they are embedded in the furniture. However, similar free-standing options have already begun to appear in the micro range, with which there is no need to worry about installation.

A combination oven with micro functions is a great alternative to space where there is a need for both a micro and an oven, but it is not possible to purchase both devices due to lack of space. This versatile but compact device is a great alternative for a boat or summer house, for example. However, the popularity of the compact oven has also grown at home. At home, the appliance works perfectly alongside a conventional oven and can make it much easier to cook, for example, at Christmas time, when some of the food can be prepared in another oven.