Cute Heart Muffin Tops/ Product review: muffin top pan

Cute Heart Muffin Tops/ Product review: muffin top pan

With love still in the air I am in the mood to make a cute and quick breakfast. So I pulled out this muffin top pan I received as a gift from my Mother and thought I would give it a try.

Everyone knows that the muffin top is the best part of a muffin (not the best part of the human body LOL, you know you were thinking that!).

But seriously I love fresh baked anything, especially for breakfast.

The pan I am using is the Original Muffin Top Pan by Chicago Metallic, sold at Target (approx $13.79) or you can visit the company website online at

Original Muffin Top Pan by Chicago Metallic

I did prep the pan with some release spray or you could use butter, but this was quick folks. So I had some mix to make a quick blueberry muffin and I just sliced some fresh strawberry hearts and placed them on top. this is easy just cut a berry in half, then make the bottom point of the heart a little more defined by slicing a bit off bottom sides to point it out more, then notch the top “V” into the berry and there you have it a strawberry heart!

I did press some berries a bit into batter to see the result difference (note to self don’t do it! Just place berry just on top of mix when you put into pan for best results) The pan itself tool maybe the same amount to fill as you would a regular muffin pan, give or take a little.

I baked these cuties up for about 8-10 min in a preheated oven. I was surprised how even the browning was on the bottom of the muffin. These resembled little cakes when removed from the pan. They tasted so good just like a muffin top should! Plus how cute is this with a heart of top, YUMMY!

Heart Muffin Tops

I cannot wait to use this pan to make little cakes and decorate them for a party. How cute individual Birthday cakes would be! Plus I know I will be making more Muffin Tops now because they cooked up so quick, what a easy morning surprise for kiddos today! LOVE this pan a must have for sure.

I would suggest buying two pans though. Because you only get 6 muffin tops and I would be too impatient to make a classroom full amount of muffin tops otherwise.

Next time I would also add more batter if I wanted that “dome” top of a muffin more.

Momma Says: This pan is a must for all bakers. A simple solution for the best part of a muffin.

Muffin top pan

Cute heart muffin tops