Reasons Why you Need to Upgrade your Microwave Oven

Reasons why you need to upgrade your microwave oven

A microwave oven has become a very crucial part of our kitchens. If you belong to developed countries like the USA, Switzerland, & Australia. You know pretty well how dominant role it plays in your daily life.

Like really, all day along most of the food you have is cooked inside a microwave oven. From morning tea & coffee to rice & bread dinner, it all is cooked inside a microwave oven.

But in countries like India, the craze for a microwave oven is slowly and steadily emerging. Well, it doesn’t matter wherever you are from. Because today in this post we are about to discuss some important reasons why you need a microwave oven at your home.

If you already have one for years, still stay tuned as we are going to list out some credible reasons why you need to upgrade your microwave oven to the latest technology.

Reasons why you need to upgrade your Microwave oven

Those days are now history when you had to sit in front of a microwave waiting and taking care of the food properly. These days with the emerging modern technology a lot has changed.

Most of the modern convection microwave ovens are completely automized for various dishes and recipes. They can calculate at what temperature and for how much time your food needs to be heated inside the oven to get your desired dish cooked properly.

If you plan to purchase a new oven, consider getting a convection microwave oven. You must research thoroughly to find the best convection oven in India. That will take some time but you will find your deal which can fulfill your requirements and needs.

Anyway, let’s move to the topic ahead. Here are a few of the major reasons why you need to upgrade your microwave oven.

Touch Controls

Just like phones have become smartphones. Microwave ovens are also becoming smart ovens. The latest convection microwave ovens come along with touch sensor control systems. 

From timer to all important settings, you can all change and set your modes using these modern touch sensor panels. Yes, there are still tactile and jog dial control ovens in the market. But using a modern touch control microwave oven gives a lot more premium feel.

Motorized Rotisserie

Who does not love having kebabs and chicken tikkas sometimes? But for that, we plan some dinner nights at some good restaurants. But guess what, the latest convection microwave ovens come up with motorized rotisserie that can rotate 360 degrees wisely.

Earlier, there were a couple of ovens that used to come with rotisserie but now it has gone more automated. The motorized rotisserie feature lets you cook crispy and delicious non-veg recipes at the comfort of your home.

Energy Efficient

Old microwave ovens used to consume a lot of electricity which as a result accused huge bills. Modern convection microwave ovens are smart enough to keep saving energy whenever they can.

A lot of times the microwave oven keeps running until you turn it off. With timer settings and modern technology, the microwave oven forces itself to consume less energy and do proper cooking as well.

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Smart Features

Back in the days in the old times, we had those traditional chimney ovens built at our home. As technology grew up, we were introduced to microwave ovens. But now, science has emerged a lot more and we are now introduced to a bunch of smart cooking features.

These days convection microwave ovens come with auto-cooking recipes pre-installed in the oven. The AI works accordingly with the food being prepared and its quantity. 

You can even prepare dairy products like ghee, curd, & even paneer at your home. Not just that, you can use different modes in your microwave for different types of cookings.

Probably this might be a reason why you need to upgrade your microwave oven. We all want to stay updated and so we should take care of updates in technology too.


The world has changed a lot. The old cooking methods have completely vanished away now. Except for some old rural areas, every home in the world has a gas or electric stove now.

If you were already using an old microwave oven for years. Probably this is the time now you should upgrade it. I think these above-mentioned points are enough reasons why you need to upgrade your microwave oven.

Using the latest convection microwave ovens, you can easily prepare delicious dishes, make kebabs, and even bake delicious cakes.

Let us know what do you think? Do you want to upgrade? Or you will stick to your old microwave for a few more years. Thanks for reading the article. If you liked it, please share it with your friends.