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Welcome happy healthy mommas. Thanks for being here. 

Momma Says is a blog created to help mothers with the best tips and tricks for bento box, baking products, cooking items, crafty stuff, gluten free food, lunch box and produce reviews. In case you don’t know, bento is a Japanese hand-packed meal prepared everyday for kids, spouses and other family members. It is becoming very trendy all across the world. Here at Momma Says, we share our creative ideas to make your kid’s bento box more presentable and delightful. 

We know that every single mother on the planet wants to give a healthy and balanced diet that supplies all the essential nutrients for overall physical and mental development. When it is difficult to get kids to eat a healthy diet, something tasty like bentos can keep both the mother and child satisfied. We bring you recipes and tips and tricks for going creative to prepare and pack meals for your kids. We’ve been regularly sharing a lot of cool and creative Halloween, new year and many other theme-based ideas for packing bento box and lunch box for kids. 

Our recipes and ideas has been helping mothers in ensuring that kids are eating the freshest meals with no chemicals or additives. Bento is healthy and balanced with fish or meat, rice, raw or cooked vegetables and pickled. You can also add a fruit as dessert. 

Momma Says is a place where you can also learn about healthy foods and recipes advised by doctors. You can learn a lot about going gluten products, baking products, never seen before ideas for crafting stuff you kids love to eat, making lunch box more attractive and more. We regularly review products and cooking items you need to cook and pack for your child. From buying stuff to cooking and packaging, you can count on what Momma Says.  

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