Cute Little Lion Bento

Cute Little Lion Bento

At kiddos request she wanted an animal bento. She said she likes them the best. With Spring here and the weather was so nice but so rainy the other day. It made me think of that saying of how March enters in like a lion and comes out like a lamb, well that is how our May is here in Colorado. So with that saying in my mind I thought I would make some cute little lion bento. I was going to add the lamb but I didn’t think kiddo would get it and think the lion would eat the lamb, so I nixed that part.

If you have never made sunflower eggs with hot dog or sausage and an egg in the middle your missing out. My kiddo loves this. It is not to hard to do either. You basically cut a hot dog in half length wise then make slits down one side . With a toothpick you attach the two ends together (cut off round ends first). Then put it into a med hot pan then add egg to center, I cover it with a lid to cook through. Quail eggs work well if you want the little egg in the middle look. My kiddo lately only wants the white part. So my little lions have white faces.

Yes I know girl lions don’t have manes but whatever.

In this cute little lion bento I first put down a bed of raw spinach leaves, then put the lions on top. I added a cherry heart below them. Seperated by baran silicon in a cup is some green and purple grapes I added some orange carrot flowers, then placed some cute lion food picks inside. On a star pick is some berries, behind that is a bit of broccoli, then a large strawberry, some green beans and in the cup some banana chips, also with a little lion pick.

If adding hot dogs to your kiddos lunch choose a quality meat product like Hebrew National brand Beef Franks. They are GF (called company myself), they have no fillers or artificial anything! Plus they are Kosher. They taste so good, my family loves them and I totally trust that they are a good choice for my kiddo with her allergies and food sensitivities. I use them in all my bentos where you see hot dogs. Check them out at

MommaSays: This lunch is GF and dairy free woo hoo! See it can still be fun without all that…

You kind find these cute picks I used at Tell Jee Jee Momma Says sent ya. I love her bento shop!