Cute Little Piggy Bento

I am striving to make sure kiddo is not eating anything with dyes now in her lunches. This along with diary free and GF I was thinking is a uphill battle, but  with just bumping up more of her favs plus I seriously don’t use food coloring a lot I think I am doing well.  I also decided to use brown rice whenever possible instead of white to bump up her fiber.  So you may notice as I use more rice lately in my bentos I have used sticky rice but now brown and believe it or not she actually really likes it. I do too, the texture is more chewy and the grain a slightly larger also.

Today’s bento is Cute Little Piggy Bento.  We were talking about pot bellied pigs yesterday and so that was my inspiration.

In the cute green silicon cup is the brown rice piggy,  her face detail is made of dairy free cheese and so is her hooves. the eyes and nose are nori cut with a cutter.  I added some french green beans along with a cherry tomato and some baby carrots scattered about (love how they look like little flowers when cut into rounds).

Above in a heart silicon cup is blueberries, next to that is some carrots cut into flower shapes, a meat flower above that and some green grapes and last some cute music note pics to add some extra color.

Even though piggy is kinda bland color with the addition of some bright all around her I feel this bento will be eye catching to kiddo and she will love it.  This definitely has the cute factor I was hoping for! I love the my melody bento box too thanks Daisy <3

Momma Says: You don’t have to submit to artificial colors and additives to make a bright fun lunch, you can thank Mother Nature for the help…

Cute Little Piggy Bento

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  1. Megha says:

    Paige’s comment made me chuklce at myself. I often feel like I’ve fallen short when I try to make a decorative lunch, but then my kids look at them and they’re almost invariably happy with them. (Well, son #2 is at least…) I’ve gotta work to keep in mind that I make these things for them, not an internet audience!

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