Product Review: Nicer Dicer Plus by Genius

I have a new favorite kitchen gadget! I just had to post about it.

I must admit when I first got the Nicer Dicer Plus I was skeptical that it would hold up to the challenges in my kitchen. I am glad to say that it hold up to my every challenge.

This product self contains for storage, BONUS in my book. Because of the sharp cutting blades it is nice that it can be safely stored so no little fingers will get hurt.

*Speaking of little fingers, it is a easy way to get those kiddos (obviusly not little kiddos, use correct judgment as a parent here) into the kitchen dicing up some fruits and veggies! I love that it has dual blades for cutting. I can cut cubes from 1/4 inches up to 1 1/2 inches! Of course you do not want kiddos using alone, the blades are extremely sharp! I place the fruit or veg onto the device and let her close lid, sometimes with a little help. I would not let a child use the slicer (looks like a planer with a ā€œVā€ cutting surface, as that would not be wise to do at all. I use grate care in making sure never to touch the blades and only holding the plastic edge at all times as I found out the hard way how sharp they are!

You will see that mincing an onion could not be easier! I take an onion put it in the 1/4 inch cube, push down on the lid and with a quick snap it is done, I then take it once again through in the opposite direction and it works perfect EVERY time! Tear FREE and quick, Love it! Easy cutting of fruits for smoothies and even for those little fingers for safe size snacking.

So many applications for use I could not even list them all. I have put it though the dishwasher a few times and it has stood up with no warping.

I love that I can make all the veg and fruits the same size as this is great for cooking vegetables and fruits for desserts/ snacks as they can cook at the same rate, plus it also looks nicer. You can easily prep fruits and veg then put in baggies or containers and store in the fridge for easy use and build up your stash for quicker cooking later on.

Since I make a lot of lunches (bento) and snacks for my kiddos I find it one of the most used kitchen items I own and I would highly recommend you purchasing this item. This is definatly going on my Momma Must Haves list!

Momma Says: I find myself cutting up more fruit and veg for snacks and dinners because of the Nicer Dicer Plus not just for health reasons but because really it it kinda fun too.

*Manufactuer states in the name of saftey, keep this device out of the hands of children.

Product Review: Nicer Dicer Plus by Genius