Piggy Love Bento

Piggy Love Bento

I found this quick microwave sticky rice from Annie Chun’s Rice Express and its gluten free and healthy… OK it is about $2 little less if you find on sale, which I did. But this stuff ROCKS!!!

It cooks in 1 minute and if you add a little rice vinegar (or not) it makes the quick easy rice balls (onigiri)!!!

I cannot tell you how much I love it, with my back still out (getting MRI now) I still really want to make cute food for my kiddo. Since I am basically no fun unless we read or watch a movie. Needless to say the Momma in me needs bento.

SO I made this Piggy Love Bento for my kiddo today. I know she will love it!

anny chun's rice express

Bento had sprouted Brown sticky rice balls (GF) with cheese nose, ears and eyes. Nori face cutouts, apple cut into heart, meat rolls of beef and turkey and one had carrot stick. Behind apple is a vegetable medley in a cup also a container of (GF) soy sauce!.

MommaSays: For that quick bento and sticky rice you love Annie Chun’s Rice Express is AWESOME!