Product Review: Edible Food Markers

Product Review: Edible Food Markers

There are two different kinds of edible food markers and I will do a side by side comparison so you can see the difference.

In bento I want to draw on food to add color and make it cute. I would like to add color to breads for sandwiches and draw pictures onto cheese. Those two seem most important to some of us bento Moms. The following will show the real results of what was done in my kitchen.

Two brands used were “Easy Writer” by Betty Crocker and “Food Writer” by Wilton.

First off I have used both on Pop tarts with hard icing and they both worked very well. Wiltons tip for writing words on hard icing only does better because of control in its tip. It handles like a real marker. It is on the cheese and bread that the differences show.

I took cheese and bread and drew easy and quick (no judging on my art here LOL) rainbows and hearts.

The LEFT side is the Easy Writer – food decorators by Betty Crocker. The pen itself has a wiggly type of tip that does not poke holes in cheese and writes very smooth on both cheese and breads. It does take more control to use due to tip movement but the tip does aid in writing on soft food. Color saturation was very nice on both cheese and bread. In the pack you just get the primary colors red, blue, yellow and you also get a green for a total of 4 writers.

The Right is Food Writer by Wilton, this was another story here. It pretty much was crumbling the bread as I used it because of the hard tip. The cheese went somewhat better when I used the side of the marker to sweep color being careful not to apply to much pressure of tip could sink into cheese easily. When using the tip to draw on the heart it was impossible it would push through and color then would not apply to fill in heart on cheese. Writing letters on cheese would be impossible. So no detail work here if drawing. One bonus with Wilton it does give you one extra color for your money, black with the rest of the primary colors and green . Total of five writers.

End result if I could only choose one to purchase it would be hands down Easy Writer by Betty Crocker for these pens obviously passed the test for my bento needs.

*tip for both writers if color seems low at first give a quick dip in water and let sit with cap back on this will renew the color flow into the felt tips. I did this to both sets before I did the test.

Momma Says: Both are good for certain applications but, Easy Writer from the good ol’ Betty Crocker has earned a spot on Momma Must HAVE LIST.