Best GF Bread Mix

Best GF Bread Mix

So after purchasing different varieties of mixes to premaid brands of gluten free breads to make a kid friendly sandwich. Hoping to find one with a taste and texture that would not feel like you have small grains of sand in your mouth. I stumbled upon Gluten Free Pantry’s favorite sandwich bread mix to make in my bread machine.

The price is about 5 bucks, not much of a difference there, seems all GF breads are about the same price weather pre made in packages in store or mix you have to make. That will be the only downside to my review.

I have an older tried but true bread machine and unlike some newer models mine does not have the special GF setting. Not having made one in my bread machine from this mix I was not sure on my setting. I called the information line and the woman on the other end was very helpful on telling me which would be best for the brand (express bake 80 min. setting). The smell of fresh baked bread was soon in the air and our mouths were watering with anticipation. After slight cooling, who can wait when warm bread is out the oven, we cut into it like ravenous wolves. Much to my surprise it was not grainy! I am sure it was due to the very fine mill of the flour, which made all the difference. the crunch of the crust was just right and the nice texture of the inner bread was a delight. We all ate warm bread with home made jam on it and practically half of it was gone!

My inner carb-monster was satisfied. We were able to stop ourselves from eating the whole thing just enough to make a lunch time sandwiches for my kiddos for school the next day. The test is always the next day if it is still good or gets grainy, it did not the sandwiches made were very good. So this will be an definite addition to my pantry for a long time to come. Just make sure to buy 2 boxes next time one for the kids and one to hide and keep all to yourself.

Momma says Gluten Free Pantry brand, favorite sandwich bread is yummy goodness.

gluten free pantry favorite sandwich bread mix