Cute Chick Bento

So I am back on the bandwagon to make some more cute bento’s for my little one’s lunch. I would however love to make it also for my teen but she would just die of embarrassment with cute little creations Momma made for her to eat so she gets the plain down version of my fun bentos I make for my little one. Who by the way LOVES it and is the envy of all her friends who sit there eating PB& J’s ( not that we don’t love it too, but with her diet restrictions of limiting gluten we don’t usually go there).

So I got some cute Kawaii bento book from Asian store in Denver. Yes I had to drive all the way to Denver for a good Asian Market (AM), the one here in the  Springs where I live does not carry much in the way for Bento supplies. Needless to say I did find some goodies there not a lot but that is for another post. The book shows small little eggs and plus if you google bento images you will see these tiny eggs. They don’t sell those at my normal grocery and I have never seen eggs so little. Found out they are quail eggs. I made Grandpa who was out and about go see if the AM by us carried them. To my surprise the did!!! So now I can make cute little egg animals. My daughter has no idea what I am up to. She just knows of the cute little edible eggs in the fridge that I have for her lunch.

 I did not know how long to boil these little guys so I boiled for 15 min then ran under cold water and they peeled easily and seemed firm enough like a boiled egg should.  I then used some yellow food coloring (now if you want you can use natural foods to dye or buy from organic market) to make them Chicky yellow and cut a bit of carrot for a beak and I used a red leaf that is really a sprinkle for cakes for the chicken’s comb on top of its head and wilton edible pen to dot two eyes.  I put some broccoli slaw for the chicks bedding. Then a couple cute pics for the fruit, made some apple bunnies, with a little baby carrots and  some chicken nuggets and that was that I just know she is going to love this.

I am thinking of little piggies and mice for my next bento’s. Too cute she  is going to LOVE IT!

Little ones  chicky farm style bento        &        









This is Big Sisters bento with unpeeled quail egg ( I had to put heart pick in to cute it up tee hee hee)







Momma Says: Bento is not only fun but healthy alternative, so get creative cuz chips and a sandwich were never this cute!

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  1. SnuggleBunny says:

    Those lunches are AWESOME! What a healthy lunch!!!
    Your a cool mom to make them for your girls.
    Would like someone to make me a lunch like that… I bet
    I’d be losing weight and eating so healthy.
    Great job MommaSays!!!
    Can’t wait to see the next idea you come up with on you site.

    • admin says:

      Thanks SnuggleBunny,
      Bento boxes they are a Japanese way of a packed lunch box which is small, nutritiously balanced and appealing to the eye. Think 3 part carbs (usually rice), 1 part protein and 2 parts fruit and vegetables. Traditionally no sweets. With that in mind I have heard of people saying they loose weight because it is proportion small and healthy. For kiddos adapt the above to their favorite things and you cannot go wrong!

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