Simply Sweet Bento

Simply Sweet Bento

I got up a little late and basically threw this one together, not bad for quick bento.

I quickly baked up some Simply Smart chicken chunks (Perdue brand sells GF too!) I had them from the night before and my kiddo said to me “Mom, these nuggets are real chicken and YUMMY” so I guess for a quick meal I will be buying this brand again. I found them in the cold food section of the store near lunch meats, so they are not frozen. She liked that they were not minced chicken meat but real chicken pieces. I liked that they were nice chunks of breaded chicken with no fillers .

I also added some smiley face potatoes and placed some colorful picks around to add some fun along with a cute ladybug baran.

In the front inside a silicon cup I added some berries, a carved apple and a carrot flower.

Momma Says: With some good ingredients and a few cute picks you can turn just a simple lunch into a Sweet lunch.