Cute Owl Bento

Cute Owl Bento

I love owls and they seem to be so trendy lately. I got today’s inspiration because I want to decorate my kiddos room and she loves the forest here and animals and I was looking online and they had so many cute owl designs. So today’s lunch is Cute Owl Bento…

I made the owl out of a sandwich and added some cheese for eyes and beak. I used a cake decoration for the hat, sprinkle for eyeball color and red pepper for scarf. Beans to represent he is in a tree.

Next to him a made a salad with a lot of color with different veg like these cute colored carrots of purple, yellow and orange all cut into flowers. I added some leftover pepper scraps and then put a winter tree pick in the middle.

Above left I have a cucumber, apple slices, and some fruit jellies with a snowflake pick.

I just love his little face so cute and easy!

Momma Says: I made this bento actually a few days ago and thought I posted it, oops! Always check if you hit PUBLISH, DUH! 😛