Trending Ideas Redecorate Old and Shabby Walls

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Walls are the boundaries that protect our house give us our space and separate us from other people if you look at it practically these are the most important foundations of a house and if we look at a philosophically, these walls define our house that means the people who are living it their character can be understood by the color schemes that they have used. We could be wrong as somebody would be using certain kinds of color schemes intentionally. Whatsoever the reason might be and whatever kind of walls you have whether they are still new and fresh even though you painted them 5 years back it is finally time to change their colors and you know they might have become boring because you watch them every day and changing the colors of the walls can add a lot of newness to your walls. And if it’s not you buying your friend redecorating their walls, then, send flowers to Mumbai on the great occasion that your friend has finally decided to change the color of their walls because every time you went to their house you would have felt like – God where have I landed? And if your friend is not too good with color schemes and all you can get in touch with an interior designer or if you are one then you can suggest to them some great patterns and textures that they can add to their walls so that they look alive. Now if you are a friend who is reading this article and that you’ve just got a message from their best friend that they are redecorating their walls and well it’s time to double their happiness and you can send cake and flowers to Bangalore that much the same pattern as that of their walls to their surprise this would be by far the best cake and flowers that they would have received. Especially in terms of flowers, you should try orchids as they are the ones who have too many species and a lot of prints available rather than any other plain colored flowers. Let’s check out how you can either suggest your friend on you can take the idea yourself and redecorate your old and shabby walls – 

1) Fabricating the walls

If you have a wall with putty, then you can work miracles on that ball and that is why I before doing anything to your walls it is important that even though you might be not so interested in doing putty to your walls but it is important if you want a smooth and sleek texture for your walls. Once you have finished doing that you can paint it with either emulsion or distemper of white color and then purchase any fabric of your choice, with textures and prints and just stick it using glue. Make sure that you do this process when your balls are completely dry and there is not even a little sign of dampness otherwise the cloth will come off. 

2) Mural Wallpapers 

You might have seen those beautiful wallpapers next to you in a coffee shop and lots of cafes, bakeries and several other places and must have been smitten by their beauty. They are called mural wallpapers. They are not only beautiful but really easy to install and would cover any kind of dampness behind your walls or any shabby or old wall whichever it is. It will give a whole new look to it if you were looking for something to make a coffee corner then this is the best thing for your house and of course there are so many patterns that you can get and they will suit all your needs and you can even get them custom design for particular balls from now on your house will always be party-ready. 

3) Mural Paintings 

We all know that there are too many shades available in acrylic colors and that painting acrylic colors on a mural is very hard only the fastest artists can do so. Of course, if you want to paint a mural then you should get an artist to make a mural and then paint it would look beautiful on any one of your bedrooms, entrance, or in the hall. and of course, now that you have beautiful and the statement was ready it’s time to get online flower delivery in Bangalore to make another statement out of these beautiful flowers. Depending upon the color of your wall and murals you can get either matching or contrast and textured flowers. 

4) Textured Frames 

If you do not want to fabricate your wall then there is yet another thing that you can do to add a lot of themes and colors to it and that is by getting or rather by making textured frames at home itself they are very easy all you need is a set of beautiful cotton or printed clothes which have the ones you like and you can fix them on photo frame boards. Make sure to leave space behind for hanging it properly. You just have to do the same process as we do it while covering a book.