Day of the dead Bento lunch

Day of the dead Bento lunch

I went to Cost Plus and bought these cute Day of the Dead cookie cutters, so cute I had to get them! I was really excited at how cute the bento would be. This is perfect because me and kiddo went to the Coffin Races here and we had our faces painted like Day of the Dead too.

For my bento I stamped some GF pastry dough made by Pillsbury and used that to make a PB & J sammi. I put the skull in a yellow silicon cup. next to that I have some sausage with a skeleton pick inside a lettuce silicon cup, below that is some gummies, mini heirloom tomatoes and champagne grapes with a bony hand on top. On the bottom I have a small golden potato when cut in half also had a “skull” shape so I painted on the features of a skull with gel food coloring.

Here is a picture of all the Day of the Dead pastries that I painted with food gel food coloring. I love the way they came out so colorful! Painting on raw dough can be tricky. So make sure after you stamp the dough you put the cookie tray into the freezer to stiffen up the dough, this will make a HUGE difference in painting on it!

I baked it at 350 until it was done but not brownded, I let them sit out to “harden up ” slightly before transferring them to cool completely for use.

These Day of the dead cookie stamps made by Fred are just awesome! the printing on the dough was clear and made a great impression on the dough, this made it easy to paint up for SUPER FUN treats! Check out their web site for their products

This is a picture before I put it into the oven all painted and ready to go.

I baked them for about 15-20 minutes at 350, just like I would a cookie.

Like I said I watched for the edges to just start to brown so I can keep it nice and white on the skull. they turned out perfectly white and colors bright!

The dough I used Pillsbury new GF line of pie crust/ pastry dough. I actually really liked the flavor and texture of the dough. I was surprised that the texture was not grainy like a lot of GF products out there. It baked up really nice and the images kept their features after baking. It rolled out just like any other dough and I actually used a bit of GF flour on rolling pin and counter top to help with roll out without sticking. I also purchased the cookie dough (chocolate chip) and the pizza dough and we are very excited to try it out! Will report back on how we like it. But, if the pastry dough is any indication we should be very happy with it as well.

Now that we love the Pillsbury GF dough we will be making way more pies and treats! Pillsbury is definitely a name you can trust with good results and the GF brand is a great addition to the already yummy product line. Hoping they expand the cookie line to make sugar cookies and would also love to see biscuits or even their crescent rolls, I think my kiddo would be fulfilled cause they rock!

Momma Says: Pillsbury GF line of food is definitely on the Momma Must Haves list, we are so happy more and more companies are going GF!