Phineas & Ferb Bento

Today I made my kiddo a more fun Bento because she was home sick from school for so long and I know she still wanted to be home, even though she is better and should go…

So Phineas and Ferb bento today!  Hoping this will cheer her up.  I made them out of my favorite quick sticky rice by Annie Chun, check out my review    .  I used dairy free cheeses for their eyes and hair, rest of face detail if nori.  I painted Ferb’s hair with food coloring. They are sitting on a slice of meat for a background.

On the other side there is a meat flower, blueberries (her fav), mini orange with a pick, some cocoa cookies, bottle of soy, diced chicken from dinner last night and some kiwi. I put all her favorite kind of stuff, so I am hoping this will be a pick me up for her today ( fingers crossed).

Momma Says Tip: I used a jello mold to make Phineas & ferb’s head with sticky rice. I just made sure to moisten it with water to prevent the rice from sticking as I tightly packed it.  A few slaps on the counter top and they popped out!

Phineas & Ferb Bento

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