Hello Kitty Bento

What girl does not like Hello Kitty? My kiddo is not the Barbie doll playing type and loves Pokemon and Monster High dolls. Her love is also all things animals so that is why she loves Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty and bento totally goes together. You can buy all kinds of cute bento stuff with Hello Kitty.

I probibly could have done alot more with the theme but this is simple and cute. Plus PINK  CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES, you cant say that isn’t cute enough already… Gotta give a shout out to Bisquick for making a GF pancake mix- can you say life saver! Bisquick GF makes not only good pancakes but an awesome batter like I made with my GF tempura recipe check it out here:


To make this cute Hello Kitty Bento breakfast I had mini pancakes (pink of course + chocolate chips = YUMMY) a pink sauce bottle with strawberry syrup, sausage heart, hello kitty Easter egg filled with blueberries, cheese mini quiche with a cherry tomato and heat pick, kiwi and the biggest reddest strawberry. 

 Her friends will ohh and ahh wishing they had these pancakes for sure!

Momma Says: Breakfast for lunch or dinner, why not?  This is balanced and ohh so good!


Hello Kitty Bento

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  1. Keeley says:

    adorable :) my daughter would love it i know that!

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