Girly Monkey Bento

I made this bento because on my daughters new towel it has a cute girly monkey on it and I call my kiddo “my monkey”. Well my monkey got sick on Monday so bento could not be given and it was stored in the fridge. Well after two days now, I will show my still sick kiddo her bento if she can eat the rice, dont think it will be a good idea to eat the cute meat and non dairy cheese monkey cause she is still sick and will be more on blander diet, so sadly she will be just for show..

Girly Monkey was made out of beef bologna and veggie (non dairy) cheddar cheese slices. Did I mention that I have tasted that cheese and it is totally yummy! I was amazed! Girly monkey is sitting on some rice and veg with some cut flower veggies of carrot, squash and cucumber. Girly Monkey also has a squash flower with a pick in her hair and as always her face is made of nori.

In the top half of this cute bento I put some of her favorite champaign grapes into a heart shaped silicon cup, next to it is a mini orange with top peeled off leaving a flower cut out and a pink pick, above that is more cut flower veg, pink bottle of soy sauce (GF), yellow tomato with a pick in it, and a piece of (good quality all beef) hot dog with a heart cut into it.

Momma Says Tip: trace an image you want either onto tracing paper to use as a template or like I did I used a clear baggie (cause I could not find my paper thanks to kiddos) that way you can easily cut out design into meats and cheeses.