Fun Food Bento 2

Fun Food Bento 2

My kiddo loves anything meat and cheese. She struggles with the desire to be a vegetarian but this past few weeks she is all meat all the time. She LOVES sandwiches. I admit to my love of all things bread so I must have somehow passed on that gene ;P

So she also loves anime, so I made her face in a sandwich for her bento today. My Happy Kiddo Bento….

It is two round cut out  with a face on top of cheese face, mouth,and bow. Salami hair, nori eyes. I also told her she needs to eat a salad today because she did not eat much of her veggies last night. So salad with mini tomatoes, purple flower potato, sausage heart and a container of SOY SAUCE..?.. . I know right Soy sauce? My kiddo does not like dressing but loves soy sauce and I guess as long as she is eating her veg who am I to bawk at how she eats it…

Momma Says: Quote I like – “The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.” ~David Russell

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