Watermarks on Furniture, How To Get Rid Of Them Easily

I had in a pinch used some old cleaner that was left over (Cannot waste stuff ARRGGHH).  I like to use my vinegar and water solution to clean but that leftover in a bottle was killing me to just toss. Anyhow, I sprayed down the table and of course it took the shine off.  I didn’t repolish with anything cause I wanted to look into a more natural furniture polish to use and have not done so yet.

Well of course I wound up not polishing my table and finished cleaning in the kitchen and then it was lunch time.  Made the kiddos some soup.  When they finished eating, I cleaned up their bowls to find a WATERMARK on my nice table!!!  I was like oh no and no wiping was taking it off.

So I ran to my computer of course and started my research.  So many sites talk about different chemicals it was making me upset, I wanted to “go green” and now this.  Then I came upon a few different sites that talk about how the watermark is caused when the dry wood surface absorbs water and holds it under the lacquer finish on furniture. Some sites say toothpaste, other say use cigarette ash, some oils and then I saw mayonnaise. (do not use miracle whip it is totally different properties)

Well I dont smoke so no ash, but I can use either oil or mayo.  I had just purchased some mayo and since so many sites said mayo I thought that would be the one to try.  Some say to leave it on from 5 to 15 minutes before buffing.  Even adding baking powder to make it more abrasive if the stain remains after treatment.

What I did was slathered the ring in mayonnaise rubbing it in with my finger for a about a minute. I then took a paper napkin and put it on top of the mayo and let it sit for about 10 minutes.  I then came back to the table and with a paper towel buffed the spot and rubbed the mayo that was leftover all over and buffed it into the wood.

To my AMAZEMENT IT WORKED! Yea and to boot the table has a wonderful nice shine.  The smell dissipated and my table looks great!  Why this worked you ask?  Well what is in mayo?  Oil, eggs and vinegar. Heck you can make it yourself if you like.  The eggs and oil add the moisture and the vinegar is a natural cleaner.  LOVE it.

My next test for natural furniture polish will be adding vinegar (which I already use to clean) and some olive oil and leave in a sprayer read that somewhere too.  I also read that if you soak three or four black tea bags and steep for about 5 min you can use the cooled brew for a natural wood polish. Something about the tannic acids being good for the wood. I will try that next and keep you posted.

Momma Says: Who knew Mayo not only good on a sandwich but good on your table too!

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