FUT Hair Transplant Procedure in Dubai

hair transplant

Hair Transplants are quite safe, effective, and one of the permanent approaches to settle the lost growth of the scalp. FUE and FUT are the two common techniques involved in it however FUE is the latest one. Conversely, when we talk about FUT it’s the strip harvesting traditional procedure used when baldness complexity gets high and demands a large number of grafts.

Almost every clinic in Dubai is offering a FUT Hair Transplant procedure. And yet, it was the earliest technique for transplantation but still, it has not been replaced with FUE due to its productive results even while treating the excessive baldness difficulties. Although, it’s the time taking procedure and involves some scarring, which is the only reason that people prefer undergoing FUE. Consequently, there are some cases in which doctors only prefer FUT hair transplant procedure Dubai

Obviously, for example, when a person is facing uncontrolled baldness on a large area, he/she will be needing more grafts which are only possible with the FUT Hair Transplant procedure. Moreover, attending one session of FUT would be enough in most of the extreme cases.

Here, we’ve compiled all the necessary information regarding the FUT Hair Transplant procedure in Dubai. But there are some important things you should be aware of, for instance, don’t hurry while deciding the clinic location for your Hair Transplant in Dubai. Discuss it with your friends and family whether they know about some recognized clinic or not but in case you’re not having this plus point. Get your FUT Hair Transplant procedure from the Dynamic clinic of Dubai. Their surgeons are expert enough to deliver the upshots exactly as per the requirements!

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What exactly is FUT?

Follicular Unit Transplantation is based on the concept of extracting the hair grafts in one go. From the backside of the head, a strip of skin is removed to obtain the desired number or size of hair follicles. Thus, the obtained pieces of hair are implanted carefully on the bald areas of the scalp.

The process of FUT isn’t simple as it seems also, it’s beyond the capability of a junior surgeon. Your doctor should be expert enough to perform this surgical approach.

Procedure of FUT Hair Transplant

In Dubai, the procedure of FUT hair transplant can take 5-9 hours depending upon the complexity of the procedure. It can be performed either frequently on the very next day because larger procedures are always carried out for two days.

A typical FUT process involves the transplantation of an average of 2000 follicle units which takes 6-7 hours but in some cases when 3000 units are required, obviously it will take more time.

No matter how much longer the procedure is, people still prefer undergoing this because the hair growth seen after a FUT transplant is much stronger and thicker as compared to the FUE hair transplant.

It’s very common to hear of getting FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai and it holds the success rate of 70-80% among all hair restoration solutions. The majority is having trust in this traditional transplantation technique which is the only reason that it has not been replaced in this city.

Let’s get into the depth of the procedure of FUT by exploring every single step involved in it.

Step- 1 Preparing Donor Site

The very first step is the preparation of the donor area. Initially, it’s being trimmed and marked for cutting the strip of skin.

Step- 2 Strip Harvesting

After shaving and marking the hairy portioned, patients will be given local anesthesia and the hair transplant surgeon will pick out the required layer of skin. Once it’s done, skin edges are closed with stitches. However, the stitched area will be covered with the existing hair and after 7-10 days patients will be called for the removal of sutures.

Step- 3 Inspecting Hair Grafts

The acquired piece of skin is placed under a microscope for the extraction of individual units of hair. A single graft is prepared through 1-3 hairs and then organized in the desired shape and size.

Step- 4 Holes creation & Insertion of hairpieces

Once the grafts are prepared, the doctors consider administering local anesthesia on the area where hair needs to be transplanted. According to the precise direction, size, and angle, the small holes are made and hair follicles are inserted in them carefully.

Step- 5 Final examinations for correct positioning

The surgery is then concluded by the expert surgeons by ensuring the correct delivery of hair follicles.

Immediately after the FUT hair transplant, a surgical cap will be given to the patient to cover the transplanted and donor area.

Considering to get FUT Hair Transplant?

Getting a hair transplant is the trickiest decision that demands some patience and research too. It’s important that you understand the procedure details, cost, and limitations before you decide anything.

Also, make sure that your health is good enough to acquire the hair transplant, arrange an initial detailed session with the doctor so he can determine whether you’re the best fit for it or not.

Furthermore, if you’re having excessive baldness on the head, a hair transplant can help you in achieving a younger and more hair fuller appearance.

You need to remember one thing while getting a hair transplant that it’s not the end of hair loss. The aftercare matters a lot for the maintenance of permanent fallouts.

Wrapping it up!

Hair transplant is the most effective way to groom yourself and there is nothing to be ashamed of. But when coming to FUT, it’s quite hard to accept its scarring reality but they subside after a few months of the procedure. Moreover, the procedure of FUT is complex and demands proficient skill that is only possible with a reputative clinic!

Most of the Hair Transplant clinics in Dubai are well-reputed and provides a direct solution to the problem. Dynamic is one of the best choices for FUE and FUT both, as every patient leaves the clinic with positive feedback and outstanding results. Their secret behind good results is the skilled doctors, which is the only key in grasping successful productive results.