7 Simple Ways to Style Your Hair with a Blow Dryer

Hair with a Blow Dryer

There are numerous approaches to style your hair with a blow dryer, a considerable lot of which you’ve never thought of. That implies you can utilize it to make radiant hairdos that you’ll love and they won’t require a lot of exertion either. Your blow dryer is there all the time at any rate, so why not use it to have a decent hair day consistently. Look at these extraordinary approaches to style your hair with a blow dryer and you’ll see such a straightforward instrument in a totally different light.

Beachy Waves

It probably won’t be summer any longer, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t at present shake those waves you love to such an extent. What’s more, this likewise turns out to be perhaps the most effortless approaches to style your hair with a best blow dryer. Wet your hair, at that point separate it into two segments. Freely plait each segment and secure it at the base. Blow dry your twists until dry, at that point finger brush and you’re all set.

Stick Straight

I have wavy hair and I used to go through hours consistently doing combating it so it was straight. I’ve since a long time ago surrendered, yet in the event that you haven’t, your blow dryer is the most ideal approach to get the look you need. Start at the top and blow dry your hair in segments, brushing with an enormous round brush as you go. It sounds so natural, yet this strategy functions admirably you may never return.

Volumizing Bob

On the off chance that you have short hair and need to give it some oomph, your blow dryer is the instrument you need. Specialists suggest blow drying your hair contrary to what would be expected, which gives it loads of volume. What a simple method to give your sway some life and character. You will cherish it!

hair with blow dryer

Big Curls

Here and there you simply need a wavy style, am I right? Your blow dryer is an extraordinary device for applying that additional portion of warmth that helps hold the twist. Start with marginally clammy hair and move it in segments around enormous Velcro stylers. Shoot the twists with your blow dryer until they are totally dry. Spritz with hair shower and unroll. Simple, isn’t that so?

Textured Pixie

The pixie hair style is moving incredibly nowadays, so a finished look gives you volume and an extraordinary new look that will get you heaps of praises. To accomplish this look with your blow dryer, start with towel dried hair. Include only a spot of item, at that point blow dry while finger brushing your hair. There – all done!

Smooth but with Some Texture

On the off chance that you need essentially straight hair, yet don’t go for the totally straight look, attempt this straight, yet finished look. It’s one of my top picks since it looks extraordinary, however meets up in only a couple minutes. Utilize an oar brush, beginning at the roots and working your way toward the finishes, working in areas as you go.

Straight Bangs, Wavy all Over

These hairdos are incredible, however on the off chance that you have blasts, you’ll have to give much nearer consideration to your blow dry style. Utilize any of the strategies above to make the straight, wavy or wavy hair you need. At that point utilize a straight brush to dry your blasts, so they are straight. You can blow dry them straight over your temple or out of the way.


Were you aware that your blow dryer could do so many cool things? Numerous clients have attempted these and it function admirably. Which one will you attempt first?