Simple Ways To Celebrate Life and Everyday

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We celebrate our dear one’s smallest and biggest achievements. We honour their special days like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions like the best day of life. What do we do for ourselves? Do we celebrate ourselves, our achievements? Well, you very well know the answer. It goes without saying, life has taken a toll, and we hardly have time to spare ourselves.

Moreover, many of us are living with the thought that there is so much more to achieve than to celebrate. However, my dear friend, you have achieved a lot more than you realize. Take a moment out to appreciate what all you have received so far and celebrate life every day. The celebration is not just limited to having parties; merrymaking could be spending time alone or doing things you like for a change. All these indulgences will keep you positive and forward-looking while making life much better than you think it is.

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“ If we were ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow, not next year. Today should always be the most wonderful day.”— Thomas Drier.

Cheers to life!

  1. Jot Down The List: We often take life for granted. As humans, we have a tendency to look at the negatives than the positives. You need to change this habit if you want to appreciate and celebrate life. Therefore, daily before going to bed, create a list of blessings. Your friends, family, colleagues are your greatest blessing. If something good has happened to you during the day, count that as a blessing as well.
  2. Appreciate Every Day: Get up every morning and look forward to each day as a new opportunity to achieve something new. Appreciate every day and do things you like sipping your morning coffee in the balcony with your parents, spending time with plants or potting plants at home. If you like cooking, make yourself a tasty breakfast. Do things you like and indulge in activities that will uplift your mood and keep you positive all through the day.
  3. Be Grateful For All What You Have: It’s the little things that matter the most in life. Good health, a home to live, family to take care of, a well-paid job, food to eat, etc.! So, shift your focus from what you do not have to what you have and be grateful for it. Find joy in the simple things because there’s much more to life than luxuries. When you are grateful, you will celebrate small things in life as well.
  4. Pamper Yourself: Be your own happiness! Spoil yourself in numerous ways without causing much of the expense. If eating your favourite food or cake gives you happiness, then why not avail online cake delivery in Vijayawada or order food from Zomato, Swiggy? If reading a book alone is your way to calm the senses, do that. Give yourself permission to stay happy without anyone’s aid. Solo trips are also great if you are a believer of “money fills pockets and travel fills souls.” If materialistic things make you feel happy, buy yourself some presents and nice things.
  5. Party every day: If your ideal idea of a party is having food and dance in some fancy spot, then it’s no wrong, but you need to think of alternative ways. Every time it may not be feasible for you to go out and have fun. Party and celebrate at home with family and friends. Binge-watch movies with a tub of popcorns. On weekend nights, tune in some music and dance with your family, play games with them. Every time a party and celebration doesn’t have to be loud, simple things are pretty and fun as well.
  6. Make every day Special: Birthdays and anniversaries come once in a year and are celebrated with great pomp and show. What about the rest of the days of the year? Enjoy them as you do on your birthdays and anniversaries. Go out with your friends after the office, have a Friday night, make weekend plans, call friends for night outs, etc. Seize every opportunity to have fun and jamboree.

Life is a beautiful gift, and its beauty should be celebrated. Make time for yourself to enjoy life. Just a few minutes of reflecting on the good and being thankful for it will make a whole lot of difference in your perspective towards life and how you live it.

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