Cute Pokemon Bento

So I was so excited that a good friend of mine in Japan found some cool bento stuff! My kiddo freaked out especially when she saw the Pokemon stuff. So thanks so much to Daisy !

So inspired by new Pokemon stuff and how Pikachu is just too darn cute, I made this Cute Pokemon Bento today. I have a Pikachu rice mold that helped make the cute brown rice Pika.

Pikachu face details are made of nori and dairy free and gluten free cheese and his cheeks are made of meat (oops durring the shoot, one cheek moved).  Next to Pikachu is some blueberries and a slice of orange. Blow that is a hot dog (all natural and good quality of course!) cut and lightly boiled then cooled to look like a poke-ball.

In the back is a meat flower with a Pikachu pick, carrot flower, purple cauliflower, in the Pika cup some green grapes and in the red cup is a cherry tomato with cheese to look like a poke-ball.

My kiddo peeked today and said “AWWWW Momma it is so cute, are you going to make a new Pokemon every day this week because of the new bento stuff”?  I see I have a challenge in front of me now as I half halfheartedly agreed to the request presented to me with an eager wide eyed smile….

She loves Tepig so maybe I will find some inspiration to make him tomorrow….

Momma Says: I want my kiddo to love to eat Gluten free and Dairy Free and not feel like her lunch in boring compaired to friends and their hot lunches at school, bento has helped and has made food so much fun too!


Cute Pokemon Bento

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