Valentines Bento Bear

Valentines Bento Bear

Love is in the air and in the bento! My Valentines Bento Bear is sure to make my kiddo swoon when she open up the bento box today.

Today’s bento is in a very cute heart boxes. Kiddo wanted an animal bento so I made her a sticky rice bear. I of course used my favorite Annie Chun’s brand minute sticky rice. See my review on it here:

So after cooking the rice in micro for 1 min, I added some rice vinegar sprinkled on top and a pinch of salt to flavor it. I then packed it into a cute rice mold of a bear (don’t forget to moisten with a bit of water so it doesn’t stick) you can also use your hands (moistened) by making a few rice balls and sticking them together, but the molds work like a charm.

cute Valentines Bento Bear

I put a pick of a heart on the bear added some flower food separators, then used a punch to cut face detail out of nori. You can also use cheese and food coloring if you don’t like nori. I then added some broccoli, meat flowers, beans, carrot slices and topped it with a strawberry heart.

For the smaller snack bento I filled it with some blueberries, a cherry tomato, apple slices, flower separator and a pig baran (too cute) then added a kiwi and some grapes. Compact, healthy and cute!

Momma Says: Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. ~Author Unknown