Pokemon Bento

This is the second bento for the school year. She wanted onigiri (sticky rice ball-check out my easy recipe). She wanted pokeball onigiri and Pikachu, easy enough since I have the rice molds for those.

To make the colored rice if you check my previous recipe, I used little cups to separate the colored rice while cooking. Works like a charm. This time again I did not use the organic food color, I know, I already have regret. I just cannot get a red to stay. I will try beet juice next time and blog it to let you know how it works, cause the organic food color for some reason fades to white ???? Mystery to me it just does…

My Nori I bought at the health food store stunk to high heaven, it was fresh just STINKY and it would not stick to the rice.  I choose not to use it alot, so that is why my black is kinda lame cause I used such little Nori for the face and I could not get it to cover the ears so I used the food writing pen by Wilton (fail).

Otherwise it was all good, she loved it. In the bento I used Hebrew National hot dog to make sausage heart and the little “flowers” are hot dog wrapped in cheese with a little veg in the middle, cucumber slice that I carved with spiral, carrot sticks, piece of Dove chocolate and these tiny weensy little cherry tomatoes I got at whole foods. The tomatoes were so cute and little I had to buy them!

My sticky rice recipe  http://mommasays.net/224/better-kid-lun…ky-rice-recipe

Mommasays: Cute quote – Rice is born in water and must die in wine.  ~Italian Proverb

Pokemon Bento


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  1. Jenn says:

    Oh so adorable! that Pikachu is too cute!

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