Piggy Bun Bento

My kiddo loves those steamed BBQ Pork buns from our Asian Market. I love them because in a pinch they cook up in 10 min (steamer) and in a thermos they stay nice, soft and warm.  The only problem is it is not easy to make cute food in a thermos. So basically I just decorated the bun with a little piggy face made up of meat for nose and ears, then some nori for eyes.  My thermos has a top container that is small but you can cram some goodies into. I put a piggy carved apple, some string … More

Creepy Bento Lunch


Yes another Halloween bento lunch for kiddo today. I am pumped up cause we decorated the house last night or should I say Hubby finally added the extensions cords so everything I did outside a few days ago ( AHEM)  would be lit up and ready for Halloween. Kiddo loved it and it was just the right amount of scary and cute!

So today I used a food cutter on my kiddos sammi. It was a skull and I felt it needed the black food coloring cause I could not see the mouth detail in the GF bread. Not sure … More

Stay-cation The At Home Vacation

So what are you doing for SPRING BREAK?  If funding ,gas prices or other things prevent you from a real vacation why not do a STAY-cation?

 This week has not only been spring break but also me prepping to move,  because we are moving at the end of April I have been very busy checking out places I want to move and of course packing. I know I have some time but being ready instead of the last minute is SOO much better.

We are doing a staycation and it is going well along with fitting in the boxing of … More

Bear in Love Bento

Here is my “valentine” type bento I made today for my kiddo. She had so much going on yesterday I could not make a bento for her on the real Valentines Day.

This one I call Bear in Love Bento because she is so cute and I added heart picks with carrot flowers around her. Cute Bear is made of a steamed BBQ Pork bun which my kiddo LOVES, fruit roll up (all natural fruit) flowers, baby corn, strawberries, blackberries, and if you can believe it brussel sprouts. That was request the other day when we were discussing our favorite … More

Fun Food Bento 1

I am loving that my kiddo is excited about showing off her lunches at school, oh no the pressure LOL!

I wanted to do some bentos of her favorite things.  Why is Mary Poppins now singing in my head? Great, now that will be stuck there all day….

So Deconstructed Pizza it is.  I put sauce in a little cup with a cap (cup & cap found by paper plates in market), mini peperoni and mozzarella cheese chopped up, some GF pancakes I saved (she never knew it was a pancake LOL), little grape jello heart and her favorite thing … More

Best GF Tempura

So I was wanting tempura last night like there was no tomorrow and the mix I had was not GF due to the wheat flour. I did not feel like making 2 separate kinds of tempura mix so I decided I would just go for it and make my own batter GF version.

If you know me I hate to find flour mixes to blend myself so I use always premade versions of flour that I can buy.  So I decided since GF Bisquick can be used for so many different things why not for tempura.  I made a batch … More

Cute Panda Bento Lunch

With dreaming of all things Asian lately and my daughters delight in thinking of how we will travel when she is older to the different cultures of Japan and China I made this cute panda bento lunch for her today.  Kiddo and I ate at a new Chinese restaurant and while she was having her War Wonton soup she didn’t know that she was eating bamboo shoots. When I told her she is and must be like a panda we had a good laugh.  So Cute Panda Bento Lunch today!

The bonus with this lunch was that I basically just … More

Peanut Butter & Jelly Roll Bento

How do you turn a yummy but boring PB & J into something new? Turn it into a jelly roll!  My kiddo loves when we make her sammis into rolls, pinwheels or jelly rolls ( all means the same). It makes it fun to look at all the layers and colors, swirled up into a yummy bite sized treat. Your not limited to PB & J, try any sammi and see the smiles.

Today’s bento my kiddo (and I hee hee hee) were craving for some PB & J. Who doesn’t love those? So easy to make and fun to … More

Cheap Bento Gear – Thrift Stores

Bento can be costly at times to keep the addiction going. There is always ways to cut corners and one is shopping at thrift stores. I live in a town that has the usual named thrift stores and I occasionally go with my kiddo to look around and see what they have. The old saying one mans trash is another’s treasure is sure true. But the better stores go through their stuff and you can really find some good deals, especially if on a budget.

One stop I always go through is the housewares, you never know what you might … More

How To Fix A Wet Cell Phone

Oh my it totally worked! I screamed as my phone turned on.  I like probably so many of you have gotten my phone wet and after much yelling and being upset, thought I had to get a new one.  Well let me tell you  the answer is NO!

My mother a while ago posted to me a random post of how to fix a wet cell phone. I never having a wet cell phone issue just put it off.  Time passed and the other day we went to a pool party and put my phone in the beach bag with … More