Quick Halloween Bento Tip

I needed to do a quick Halloween bento because I have a terrible cold and I am so not in the mood to be creative. I still have to do some little touches for my daughters Pokemon Trainer costume today and I just hope I have the strength. I tell ya a Mommas job is never done come rain or shine.  So I thought I would just pack a bunch of food and then put some scary egg sheet on top. Not my best work but I am lucky I am seriously not turning into a real life zombie today … More

Safe Trick or Treating:Does child predators live by you and other tips!

With the Halloween night upon us the best thing to do is to know your neighborhood. There is allot going on these days. I have one teen who wants to run around town with her friends on Halloween Night and still a little one whose hand will gladly be in mine while we walk the sidewalk together and go trick or treating.

So there are a lot of things you can do to have a safe Halloween tonight. The first I suggest is go to the web site http://www.familywatchdog.us/  this web sight is great cause now you can put in … More

Frankenweenie Bento Lunch


One thing me and kiddo like to do is watch fun family movies and Halloween family movies is just perfect now (though we do watch all year long too). My hubby is a horror movie buff but I don’t care for slasher films. So what happens is he winds up watching the scary ones with my older daughter and I watch all the fun ones with kiddo its a nice agreement.

We love the movie Frankenweenie! So I thought I would make her a Frankenweenie bento lunch today.

For this Halloween fun kid lunch I painted on some GF DF … More

Simple Stitch Bento

Today I had no inspiration and no time. That means I end up making a bento that I usually would not post, but I figured why not show my uninspired days. My kiddo does not mind them so why should I.  It is not that I don’t like this bento just doesn’t flow for me today. I need to go shopping for things because I like to fill all the void spots. I like them a little more stuffed looking I guess.

Simple Stitch Bento was a simple bento because it was nice and easy to put together. I have … More

Day of the dead Bento lunch


I went to Cost Plus and bought these cute Day of the Dead cookie cutters, so cute I had to get them! I was really excited at how cute the bento would be. This is perfect because me and kiddo went to the Coffin Races here and we had our faces painted like Day of the Dead too.

For my bento I stamped some GF pastry dough made by Pillsbury and used that to make a PB & J sammi. I put the skull in a yellow silicon cup. next to that I have some sausage with a skeleton pick … More

Finding craft time

So how do some people do it? How do they seem to handle all life has to offer and still find time to do the things that they want for themself? This is the great age old question. I like many others try not to set myself up in this question but, seriously I seem never to have enough hours in the day. I have tons of ideas of things I would like to do but at the end of the day I am like oh man I did not get to do blah blah blah…

I love to be … More

Heart Sausage Bento

I am posting some bentos that I made the last 2 weeks my kiddo had school but due to moving I never had a chance to post.

This one is the first time I think I used sausage to make  a heart.  It is simpler than you can think. Just get a small sausage cooked. then cut on the diagonal then flip the ends matching the longer point of the diagonal cut and use either a piece of uncooked spaghetti or a cute food pick if your kiddo is old enough and put the halves together. If using pick or … More

Christmas Tree Bento

Going all out here, this bento is busy with all kinds of colors and things to keep her excited at lunch today.

This Christmas Tree Bento is made out of sticky rice with a touch of green food color, sure I could have used peas smashed but I did it quick today.

 I added some sliced carrot and radish circles for ornaments, then I put sliced baby carrot for snowflakes all over it is topped with a ribbon decoration. I used a pick inside a star shaped egg, next to a carved radish then some meat flower and carrot slices, … More

Peanut Butter & Jelly Roll Bento

How do you turn a yummy but boring PB & J into something new? Turn it into a jelly roll!  My kiddo loves when we make her sammis into rolls, pinwheels or jelly rolls ( all means the same). It makes it fun to look at all the layers and colors, swirled up into a yummy bite sized treat. Your not limited to PB & J, try any sammi and see the smiles.

Today’s bento my kiddo (and I hee hee hee) were craving for some PB & J. Who doesn’t love those? So easy to make and fun to … More

Cute Panda Bento

Here is my cute bear bento that I quickly whipped together this morning using items that were frozen in my freezer for bento stash! 

 I defrosted GF peroggi (make sure if you use microwave you do it in water to hydrate dough), also my bear was frozen from when I made leftover GF Meatloaf along with the purple potato which I cut out and froze.

So the only thing I had tor really add this morning was the fresh cucumber, carrot, strawberry and cute pick and silicone leaf food separators.  YEA- QUICK AND CUTE!!

*check out my recipes that I … More