Flower Bento

Flower Bento was made because I wanted to use the little quail eggs and hot dogs to make the cute sunflowers. This is so easy to do I will make a post on how to make and update. But anyways this bento has two sunflower eggs some banana chips, mini orange bag of cookies (not GF) and in the opposite side I made a melody of fruit and veg cut all up into flowers, I put little cute animal food separators to hide in the flowers.  The flowers are made up of pear, dragon fruit, radish and carrot. This whole … More

Cute Busy Bee Bento

Spring keeps trying to show up here in the Forest, but alas we are in Colorado and that will tell ya that it isn’t happening until Mother’s Day passes.  Yes we can have snow one day and be sunny summer day the next until then.  I have started my seeds indoors first week of April and thinking of Spring and cannot wait for my garden.  So Cute Busy Bee Bento idea popped into my mind.

I had some leftover sticky rice from the other day and didn’t want it to go to waste so I used a rice mold, added … More

Bunny Veggie Frittata Bento

I love to make Frittatas, because they use up the leftovers and no one ever complains! In fact my kiddo said this was the best dinner ever and wanted seconds.  Luckily I had made a big one so we all had seconds and I had some left over again from dinner for her bento today.

I put two pictures up today so you can see the yummy frittata without the bunny egg sheet on top.  Also it lets you see that you don’t need to put all the “cuteness” into a bento for it to still look attractive to the … More

Little Lovin’ Bento

I made todays bento for my kiddo with some of the stash I had because I really need to go shopping and there was no left-overs from dinner and the creative juices were hiding this morning from lack of sleep.

So she will still be happy because it is GF Lasagna, made with the rice noodles. She LOVES this recipe. Check it out from my post:


I also added some broccoli, heart hot dog with a heart cut out apple. under the apple is carrot sticks and apple sticks.  Few heart picks to hold the hot dog in place … More

My Melody Bento

I did not post any bento for the past few days or any recipes due to a family “THING”… Dont ya love it, life at any moment can turn your world upside down. My question that I will ask the BIG GUY when I walk thru those pearly gates is ok, I dont mind the bumps in life. I get that (sometimes), but WHY does it happen in three’s?  3 things all in a row I mean come on that was a rought one. I will say that I did alot of praying and things are working out…I just dont … More

Love Monster Bento

I am so gearing up for Halloween here but as it is not even October I could not start with spooky bentos. So I opted to make a Love Monster Bento for my kiddo.

We are using some gluten products lately as I am sure you can tell by my posts and I will say my kiddo mostly missed bread, alas she has Momma’s love of carbs, poor baby…

So now we have a love monster sammi, made of a bagel(you could still go GF with this) with turkey for hair and non dairy cheeses for teeth, eyes and heart … More

Meal Planning For Dummies

I am not sure if they actually have one of these books for meal planning. I know I have seen those “For Dummies” on a whole slew of subjects. I have even purchased some myself.  In my home I usually go by what is on sale and plan some meals around that. Sometimes it is what am I craving this week. Holidays always make it easier to decide what to make, old stand bys or traditional.

One thing I have learned that you cannot please everyone all the time. Though when I pick something that is not one of the … More

Twist The Stem

If you say the alphabet while twisting the stem of an apple, the letter you land is the first letter in the name of whom you will marry.

Boy I sure am glad I did not land on O. I mean how many cool guys names start with O. My hubby shure lucked out on this one not being true.

Momma says twist away just make sure he’s a good apple to start with.


Cute Birthday Bento

Well a Momma’s work does not stop for nothing. I am suffering from a pulled back muscle just recovered from a wrist injury and today is my little kiddos birthday… So I struggle through it and make the special Birthday Bento. I usually make some sort of cool class treat (check out last year rice crispy sushi with chopsticks), since the injury I picked up some cupcakes for her and her class… I know its not a big deal.. She is my last baby and the Big Momma in me wants to make every second for her count, since it … More

Disney Bento

I am home from Disney so of course had to make a Disney Bento! While there I searched for things to use for bento of course, while in all the MANY gift shops and all I could find was a bread/toast stamp. I am happy I found something though!  So my kiddos bento was made today with the Mickey bread stamp.  I then toasted the bread (lightly) and made her a Peanut butter and jelly sammy with it.  I added some cute Mickey crackers (definitely not GF-gave her a pill to make her handle it) that we bought at the … More