Southwest Airlines: Unbelievable Heart for Customer Service

The way things are now a days it is so hard to find customer service in any company. You are usually just one person insignificant in a sea of people, a number or something. Companies usually do not have heart. They are in it for the almighty dollar and not caring how they get it or if you are happy cause if your not someone else out there will take it so who cares. This is our sad reality of the capitalism. Too bad you would think that if a company really cared that people would flock to them for … More

Craft Jewerly: Bottle Cap Necklace

When hanging at the mall with the kiddos one day we went into the popular little kiddo store that is like girl heaven, with price tags that are not Mommy heaven. This place is where she loves to go you can get little toys, the latest cool clothes and shoes.  They also sell jewelry and near checkout they have the cool stuff for that impulse buy that makes your little one at the last minute go PLEASE MOM!

Well they sell these cute necklaces that are made from bottle caps. The bottle cap is on a simple necklace but the … More

Recipe: Best Veggie Stuffed Shells

I have been trying to amp up the veggie intake lately for my kiddo, which is never a bad thing… So she loves pasta (like Mother like daughter) and I thought stuffed shells would be great because there really is not a big plate of pasta it is just the shell. Then I thought what to add inside.

My fridge had the usual so I thought why not use it all.  My kiddo cannot have cows milk because of her milk allergy but the doctor told her that goats milk is different and she should not have a reaction and … More

How To Take Care Of Your Pumpkin

Little background to start off about Halloween and pumpkin carving.

The Druids were a Celtic religious order in Ireland, Britain and France  dated back to 700 BC. These ancient customs believed that the spirits of the dead left their graves on All Hallows’ Eve and would want to come back to their old home. The fearful village people did not want to be visited by the ghosts would then dress up in costumes thinking this would scare off any unwanted visiting ghosts.

Irish folklore is where the Jack-O-Lantern is trace back to. The legend says there was an Irishman who … More

Another Cute Bunny Bento

Were up and running here in the woods and I am trying to get back in the swing of things as I get my house together. I have gotten my bento gear together and now I made my first bento since moving.

Another Cute Bunny Bento is the bento today. Bunnies are my go to when I have brain drain, LOL. Helps that my kiddo absolutely loves bunnies. I dont have a stash anymore as my go to. That will definitely be on my list of “to do’s” when I get all my stuff finally in order here. Didn’t realize … More

Cute Domo Bento

My kiddo asked “Momma can you make me a animal or fancy bento tomorrow”? I guess that was her way of saying step it up a bit Momma. I used to be more elaborate with my bentos and she would get more attention at lunch and lately though she said she loves them they were not a “fancy” one because she likes animals and faces and such.

To appease the little one today I made her a Cute Domo Bento. So I got up a little extra early and made her this cute bento.

Domo is a hot dog bun … More

Bear Bento Snack

Friday is snack days since elementary only is a half day. I wish I had that when I was in elementary school, not sure what my Mom would say to that.  The half day thing every Friday does hamper when both parents work I am sure.  I am very lucky that I can be a stay home Momma and I am so blessed for it, that is all I wanted to do for my kiddos. I had to work many times and the pressures and guilt was difficult for me. I give my heart out to all those Mommas (and … More

Snowy Spring Bento

OK photography was kinda on the quick, so sorry .  We were running late out the door this morn when I realized I didn’t take a picture of the bento as we were rushing kiddo out the door.  She had a special day at school and we were busy with costumes and all, plus the wonderful Colorado weather blanketed us with snow for this special day, AARRGGH! Thus Snowy Spring Bento was born….

This was definitely one of my quick bentos. Leftovers saved the day here! I love that with just a few fun to look at thingies like picks … More

Winter Kitty Bento


Now that turkey day has passed and kiddo is back in school (she had the week off) its back to bento here!
Kiddo was hoping and praying for a snow day today. But, her wish did not come true. Just really cold and light smattering of snow. This is what inspired my Winter Kitty Bento.

Today is unlike my usual bentos as it is chocked full of gluten products! I know my bentos are usually gluten free but her new allergist wants her to eat gluten today. To test her intolerance. I don’t want to but OK…Hoping all goes well … More

Monkey Business Bento

I love monkeys, because that is one of the nicknames I call my kiddo.  When we are being all cuddly I wisper I love my monkey or when she is all wired I call her my silly monkey, you get the picture.

So with my monkey in need of a bento for lunch I made her Monkey Business Bento. The sammi with monkey face is from a toast press I think at target? I outlined some of it with food markers. Behind the sammi is some leaf baran with some strawberries (cant see), a green monkey thing we got from … More