Quick Bunny Bento

Posting some bento’s from when we moved that I quick did and snapped a pic. They are still cute even done very quickly. Just goes to show that you dont need to do elaborate bentos every day. Just by adding a cute cut-out and maybe a cute pick can still make it look fun enough that kiddos will love it. 

It totally helps if you have some items already “pre-cut shapes”. I have a bag in which I store cut out veggies so that I can quickly add some carrot flowers.  I also pre cut some egg sheets More

Recipe: Autumn Pear Pie

Fall is here and the grocery is having huge sale on pears. I love pears especially super juicy and sweet ones like Anjou, I also love Asian pears.
They are the perfect snack next to the popular apples.
Some pear facts :The pear is all natural, quick little pick me up of energy, due mostly to its high amounts of two (big word of the day here) monosaccharides: fructose and glucose or should I just plainly say simple sugar. It also has Levulose, the sweetest of known natural sugars, found to be mostly in fresh pears than any other fruit. … More

Organization Time

Now that the Christmas season has come to a close and the kiddos will be starting back to school tomarrow, I decided that I would gear up for those bento lunches and early morning breakafasts (and of course my daily posts ).

I had to go through all the leftover snacks and treats that were here durring the holidays while the kiddos were home and hungry.

I opened my small cubbord where I have all that good stuff and said to myself, I expect the girls to keep their stuff tidy this kitchen is out of control.  That is not … More

Flower Bento

Flower Bento was made because I wanted to use the little quail eggs and hot dogs to make the cute sunflowers. This is so easy to do I will make a post on how to make and update. But anyways this bento has two sunflower eggs some banana chips, mini orange bag of cookies (not GF) and in the opposite side I made a melody of fruit and veg cut all up into flowers, I put little cute animal food separators to hide in the flowers.  The flowers are made up of pear, dragon fruit, radish and carrot. This whole … More

Crazy Kitty Bento

Here is the first summer bento I made for my kiddo. I made her this crazy Kitty because we have a neighbor where we live and he has these two cats that always sit in his window and they meow at my kiddo when she comes near. She giggles and says “hi my kitty friends” and they respond by meowing at her which she loves.

The bento Kitty is a steamed BBQ pork bun, with meat and cheese cutouts for the face, lettuce ears and shredded carrots for the hair.  I used some cutters to make kiwi flowers, cut a … More

Welcome Spring Bento

Welcome Spring! Yesterday was the first day of Spring! Colorado is definitely showing signs of it too, all last week was WARM! This week was cooler but by Friday we will be not wearing coats again!

So to honor the nice weather I made Welcome Spring Bento. In this bento I was able to use some left over take out from dinner, always a plus…

In the center cup is fried rice with some cheese flowers and a cherry tomato, some ham roll flower roses and pea pod leaves, string beans (also from last night), chicken nuggets with a blue … More

Chicken Or The Egg Bento

I had to use these little eggs that I bought a bit ago so that is why I quickly put this Chicken or the egg bento together. I love asking my kiddo “which came first”?

I made the little chicks out of quail eggs from the Asian market. My kiddo LOVES them because she can just pop them in her mouth. I used a heart shaped sprinkle candy for the crown, some carrot for the beaks and colored the eyes using food color and a toothpick.

The chick eggs are sitting on some rice. Below them is a bit of … More

Pokemon Bento

This is the second bento for the school year. She wanted onigiri (sticky rice ball-check out my easy recipe). She wanted pokeball onigiri and Pikachu, easy enough since I have the rice molds for those.

To make the colored rice if you check my previous recipe, I used little cups to separate the colored rice while cooking. Works like a charm. This time again I did not use the organic food color, I know, I already have regret. I just cannot get a red to stay. I will try beet juice next time and blog it to let you know … More

Christmas Traditions Start One

Many of us now a days think Christmas and get a deep sigh of thoughts of bills, standing in line for that one item at a good price,  black Friday, oh no kids off school and basically the feeling is oh no its not here already! We have forgotten the true message.  For many people including myself it is of religious significance. Some it is Santa and just they joy the season brings or a combination of the two.  One thing for sure it should not be of dread that it is around the corner.

I have over the past … More

Bee Cute Bento

The sun must be coming up better here in the Rockies because the mornings are now so bright (yea I can take bento pics with no flash), Spring is around the corner. So to celebrate this I made a BEE CUTE BENTO for my kiddo for lunch today.

For this cute GF bento I used some mashed potato from my freezer stash, on top I made a quick egg sheet and cut out a bee added nori stripes and face, cheese for wings and eyeballs. (nori was curling from warm egg-arrgh) Next I put some baby corn and pea pods, … More