Little Bear Bento

Little Bear Bento was a last minute idea because of the brown rice I had. This morning I was looking for white rice and I was out. So the brown little bear was an easy decision, just my simple girl has a tan LOL.   Today I just wanted smiling faces to look at my kiddo when she opened her bento, that is why I have the little girl also.

To make this bento I squished the brown sticky rice in a plastic bag to make a round ball, added nori details for face and on bear used cheese to make … More

Lady Bugs & Butterflies Bento

 Cute Lady Bugs & Butterflies Bento today!  I choose this because as my kiddo and I are in the garden weeding and getting ready to plant in a week we are finding ladybugs on the horseradish and rhubarb growing wild and free in the garden. Plus in the yard we are seeing a lot of little “pretties” aka butterflies too.

So to make this bento I steamed some GF bread to make jelly rolls and used the rest to make mini sammis with lady bug baran on top,  above the blue heart separator I used fruit leather to make hearts … More

Cute Owl Bento

I love owls and they seem to be so trendy lately. I got today’s inspiration because I want to decorate my kiddos room and she loves the forest here and animals and I was looking online and they had so many cute owl designs.  So today’s lunch is Cute Owl Bento…

I made the owl out of a sandwich and added some cheese for eyes and beak. I used a cake decoration for the hat, sprinkle for eyeball color and red pepper for scarf. Beans to represent he is in a tree.

Next to him a made a salad with … More

Cute Girly Bento

Keeping on the more fancy bento for kiddo, today I made a cute girly bento. I thought what would be more girly than something princess. But, alas my kiddo is not a “princess” type of girl (sorry Disney) she likes the more “brave” movie type of princesses. I do know that she loves animals and what could be better than a cute bear with a princess crown.

I made the princess bear by filling the center of bread with crust cut off, placing another crust-less bread slice on top, then with the aid of plastic wrap formed it into a … More

Christmas around the world

I just love Christmas the lights and music, Baby Jesus in the manger. In my house he is the reason for the season as for many.  It all makes me thing what I am blessed for..Christmas makes me think of family and how I want to hold traditions close. As I get more involved with my families heritage I want to try foods and all from where my families roots are and I have a few staples in my cook book but I love to find new ones. I found a web site  SOO COOL! It breaks down countries … More

My Melody Bento

I did not post any bento for the past few days or any recipes due to a family “THING”… Dont ya love it, life at any moment can turn your world upside down. My question that I will ask the BIG GUY when I walk thru those pearly gates is ok, I dont mind the bumps in life. I get that (sometimes), but WHY does it happen in three’s?  3 things all in a row I mean come on that was a rought one. I will say that I did alot of praying and things are working out…I just dont … More

Spooky Bento

Halloween is just around the corner and now that were back home I am putting the Spooky Bento out for kiddo to have for lunch. 

Spooky Bento was made in a quick rush this morning so it is not as adventurous ans ones in the past, but I do need to go food shopping to have some space fillers.

For the Spooky Bento I used a ghost cookie cutter to make the sammi. I also added two blue glowing eyes to the ghost. Under that I had put champaign grapes with a ghost pick sitting with some carrot pumpkins. On … More

Little Love Bento

Well I am back from the hiatus I had taken. I am sorry about that.  But Momma is back and I am going to hopefully be back to making bentos and having some fun.

With that in mind I made a bento for my kiddo today WOOT WOOT! She will be so excited as this past month was some boring lunches.  Love is in the air and I of course had to make a lovin’ bento.

Todays Little Love Bento was a use of some cute little boxes I recieved from a friend (shout out Kendra) who luckily lives by … More

Cute Chick Bento

So I am back on the bandwagon to make some more cute bento’s for my little one’s lunch. I would however love to make it also for my teen but she would just die of embarrassment with cute little creations Momma made for her to eat so she gets the plain down version of my fun bentos I make for my little one. Who by the way LOVES it and is the envy of all her friends who sit there eating PB& J’s ( not that we don’t love it too, but with her diet restrictions of limiting gluten we … More

Cute Monkey Bento


Yesterday I had gotten inspiration from the bento I made using Cute z cute  Animal Palz mini cutters. I had made a little monkey sammi which I thought was so cute and it made me think how I used to call my kiddo monkey as a pet name for her when she was little. So Inspiration yesterday for today’s Cute Monkey Bento!

I started this bento lunch with the same monkey sammi press I used yesterday from Cute z cute Animal Palz.  I put the little cute mini monkey in the back and thought how monkeys hide in the jungle … More