The Lorax Bento

Took my kiddo to see Dr Seuss movie “The Lorax”, so my bento is I know late for his Birthday that just past but at least I got one in honor of this wonderful children’s book writers.  I will review movie for Friday, so check back.

For The Lorax Bento I tried my hand at painting cheese with food coloring, it was tricky to use but I at least got the image I wanted somewhat I think…

The Lorax truffula trees and the  Ba-ba-loot bear peeking around them were painted onto cheese, they are on top of a turkey and … More

Mickey & Minnie Bento

I am making My bento for my kiddo this day in homage to Mickey Mouse. Well thanks to PT we are going to Florida!!!!  We are also going to see the BIG CHEESE, himself Mickey too, YEA!  My Mickey is made of cheese quesadilla’s with salami and nori face. I also added some apple wedges, tricolor of cherry tomatoes, radish carved with a heart, peanuts, couple cherries, slice of orange and carrot flowers .

I have not told my kiddo we are taking her to see Disney, I just said were visiting her Pt (that is what she calls her … More

GF products where are you?

Since I am still a little new about buying gluten free items on the store shelves, seems like not alot of brands will list on front of packages that they are gluten free. Some stores barely have a GF or organic section, though some make an attempt. In the end a store shopping session can take forever if you have to read all the labels in the store of all the things you want to buy for your family. Well the store King Soopers has made it very easy for newbie GF people to find and compare items. I just … More

Pokemon Bento

This is the second bento for the school year. She wanted onigiri (sticky rice ball-check out my easy recipe). She wanted pokeball onigiri and Pikachu, easy enough since I have the rice molds for those.

To make the colored rice if you check my previous recipe, I used little cups to separate the colored rice while cooking. Works like a charm. This time again I did not use the organic food color, I know, I already have regret. I just cannot get a red to stay. I will try beet juice next time and blog it to let you know … More

Pumpkin Bento 2

The next in my spirited bentos this week is my Pumpkin Bento 2.

I used that minute sticky rice that I love now, because you can make cute rice balls in a minute (not talking about decorating just cooking).

See my review on this item under bento I did recently, 

I used the minute sticky rice to make the scary pumpkin I used a touch of food coloring but mostly the color came from grated carrot I used on a micro plane. I made a Hello Kitty in a costume bat she is surrounded by lettuce and sliced cucumber … More

Breakfast Buddy Bento

This bento comes from two of my kiddos favorite things, first breakfast second dogs. This bento has a lot of food so she was told any leftovers are for second snack time.  With all these yummy breakfast foods I am sure there will be nothing in the bag when she gets home.

Breakfast Buddy Bento has a kinda lame dog that I quickly slapped together as a space filler since this box I used to so big! Of course the “dog” is made of hot dog, LOL – what else could it have been?  (always use nitrate free, quality all … More

Hello Kitty Again

Hello Kitty Again here, can girls really ever have too much of her?  She is so cute, plus I felt like making a total girly bento for my kiddo today and Hello Kitty for sure fits that to a T.

I made Hello Kitty by using the rice mold to cut out the face shape in the turkey and bread, then used the cutter to make the cheese bow and sprayed it with food color to make it red. Nori eyes and whiskers (one fell off- oops) cheese nose. She has a little bunny egg with hot dog ears, nori … More

Snowy Bento

We had snow the other day here in Colorado and I woke up today and it is still a dusting here. Weather outside is cold and I am wondering if more will come. I cannot complain we get some snow and then the sun comes out and it all goes away. One day freezing the next so warm you dont need a coat!

To honor the wacky Colorado weather, I made a Snowy Bento. I think it turned out cute and not holiday-ish (is that even a word LOL).

I recently bought these all natural funny face potato wedges, they … More

Bunny Breakfast Bento

 Oh I just had to make another bento with a bunny! So This cute Bunny Breakfast Bento is todays Lunch.

 This Cute and simple bento was a combination of last nights dinner and some fresh fruit and veg (cant go wrong with that).  In the upper left side I have some potato pancake with green onion that was from dinner (oooh yes LOVE them YUMMY) also a marshmallow fruit, below is some fresh green beans. apple heart and a few purple grapes. In the large compartment is the cute bunny made with a cookie cutter and some spiral cut ham … More

Product review:Pantine Pro-V Detangling light conditioning spray

First off I would like to say I usually dont like to use non professional hair products.  But sometimes money is tight, I get it. The good stuff can cost you an arm and a leg. So I got a bottle of the Pantene Pro-v detangling light conditioning spray. this is a leave in spray conditoner actually does what it says! Instantly detangles for real!  I have used many“kid friendly” brands who bottled are sold with kids in mind from packaging to smells of green apples and none worked as good as the Pantene Pro-V spray! 

My daughter is … More