Photo Books Online

After Christmas I was talking on the phone to my Mother who told me how she liked a photo book she had been given by my brother.  The book was a recap of the whole year and all they did. She told me how she liked the book I gave her a couple years ago of our vacation together, but would like a recap of the kiddos year to look over and have on her coffee table. Since they are her only Grand kids, I thought that would be nice. She hinted what a good Birthday present for her and … More

Momma Party!

My little kiddo sure does have a way that warms my heart. I truly think God made me wait so long for her and the reason there is 7 years between her and her sister is so I can get all this love and attention from her while my older kiddo pulls away and is finding her independance.  I really dont think I could handle the break away into adulthood of my older kiddo if it were not for the wanting of my love and attention from my little one.  I dont know what I will do when that time … More

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My Melody Bento

I did not post any bento for the past few days or any recipes due to a family “THING”… Dont ya love it, life at any moment can turn your world upside down. My question that I will ask the BIG GUY when I walk thru those pearly gates is ok, I dont mind the bumps in life. I get that (sometimes), but WHY does it happen in three’s?  3 things all in a row I mean come on that was a rought one. I will say that I did alot of praying and things are working out…I just dont … More

Organization Time

Now that the Christmas season has come to a close and the kiddos will be starting back to school tomarrow, I decided that I would gear up for those bento lunches and early morning breakafasts (and of course my daily posts ).

I had to go through all the leftover snacks and treats that were here durring the holidays while the kiddos were home and hungry.

I opened my small cubbord where I have all that good stuff and said to myself, I expect the girls to keep their stuff tidy this kitchen is out of control.  That is not … More

Snowy Bento

We had snow the other day here in Colorado and I woke up today and it is still a dusting here. Weather outside is cold and I am wondering if more will come. I cannot complain we get some snow and then the sun comes out and it all goes away. One day freezing the next so warm you dont need a coat!

To honor the wacky Colorado weather, I made a Snowy Bento. I think it turned out cute and not holiday-ish (is that even a word LOL).

I recently bought these all natural funny face potato wedges, they … More

Fun Food Bento 3

For the Love of God and all the saints why do kiddos love the Mac and Cheese?  I mean I get it pasta, cheese but seriously a kid staple here folks?  Why cant brussel sprouts have that same warm fuzzy feeling when we pop one in our mouth?

Well anyway I call my kiddo for a pet name (one of many) Monkey, sometimes Monkey Love so this bento is my Monkey Love Bento… Of course filled with the food she loves cause that is what this week is about food she finds fun.

It has a love bug pic standing … More

Merry Christmas Bento


Today is Beans last day of school before Christmas Break.  She is looking forward to passing out her teacher gifts and class treat. So with her doing her thing like Santa himself and passing out presents I made today’s bento Santa inspired.

Merry Christmas bento started with the cute Santa sammi. I used a tree cookie cutter and cut out GF bread,GF and DF cheese and meat. I then used a small flower cutter to cut the face portion out of cheese so the meat can show through. Added nori face detail and added some color on his cheeks.

I … More

Valentines Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Every Valentines Day I make a tradition of making some chocolate fondue. It is super easy and oh so yummy and the kiddos look forward to this every single Valentines.

Yes you can go out and go to a fancy restaurant and order it but why not make it yourself! You can even add flavoring to the chocolate if you like by just adding the flavored chips to make it fancy. I have seen raspberry chips as well as mint. I was thinking a little butterscotch with some fancy sea salt on the side for after dipping would make a … More

Stay-cation The At Home Vacation

So what are you doing for SPRING BREAK?  If funding ,gas prices or other things prevent you from a real vacation why not do a STAY-cation?

 This week has not only been spring break but also me prepping to move,  because we are moving at the end of April I have been very busy checking out places I want to move and of course packing. I know I have some time but being ready instead of the last minute is SOO much better.

We are doing a staycation and it is going well along with fitting in the boxing of … More

Simple Bear Bento


My simple bear bento lunch for kiddo was inspired by the cute little panda cookies I bought at the Asian market. Such a cute cookie I had to buy it for kiddos bentos.

To make this bento I made a basic sammi with GF bread (Udies hot dog bun) I added ears made of carrot attached them with a pick made of GF uncooked spaghetti. I also added some nori detail for face and a cute little blue bow pick. Opposite I added the cookie, some baran grass a small sausage with a flower cut into it, heart silicon cup … More