Hello Kitty Bento

Well with my back still out I am using my stash which comes in handy these days! The time to make the bento is minutes.

So today my kiddos bento was some meatballs with a green pick, mix of organic veg, peroggi (with Hello Kitty punched out of Nori), cutie orange with a pink pick and some  meat and cheese pinwheels.

Cute fast and DONE!  Thank God I had my stash to help me on days like this. 

 MommaSays: With just a little this and that from your stash your bento is cute and easy. 

Hello Kitty Bento


Pikachu Bento

I will try to keep up with the bento posts so I don’t do a super page of pics like before.  We are also 2 weeks away from moving so excuse the rough backgrounds for any pics.

It is funny how my kiddos are from the same “factory” but polar opposites! My first was ULTRA Girly. Which for a first time Momma was great, she was a girl and for sure she let her pink sparkly girl flag fly! My second is much more rough and tumble. More into animals not Barbies and baby dolls. Though upon seeing Monster High … More

Snowman Bento

With snow still on the ground here in the forest I made today’s bento another snowman. I just love snowman and wishing the snow will be sticky enough here to make one. We will have to try today after school. I even have a “snowman kit” I got a few years ago!

Back to my Snowman bento I had gone out to my now passed garden and actually found some baby carrots still there! The only thing is they are so small but perfect for bento! My Snowman is made of sticky rice (Annie Chun’sbrand) and has of course the … More

Momma Party!

My little kiddo sure does have a way that warms my heart. I truly think God made me wait so long for her and the reason there is 7 years between her and her sister is so I can get all this love and attention from her while my older kiddo pulls away and is finding her independance.  I really dont think I could handle the break away into adulthood of my older kiddo if it were not for the wanting of my love and attention from my little one.  I dont know what I will do when that time … More

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Recipe: Loaded Roasted Potatoes/ Comfort food

There is always that one dish. The one that either transports you back to a kid, eating Grandmas special cake. Maybe it is something your Momma made you every time you felt sick.  That is comfort food.

Comfort food is usually not best for ya. Sometimes you just need that something when life gets you down. It can truly be a pick me up. Something on that rainy day. Even that one late night snack that hits the spot just right.

I have fond memories of my Grandma giving me Celestial Seasonings, Sleepy time tea with honey. She would make … More

Best Moist GF Pumpkin Cake

I hit it good on this gluten free yummy treat for my kiddo. One thing I notice when I bake GF it has a tendency to get dried out easily, By 24 house  if it is not eaten for sure. Even store bought breads??? Must have something to do with the rice flour or something. But this cake has lasted two days now and is still moist and yummy even though we put it in the fridge! This recipe is easily adapted to sugar free you will see in “ ( )”.

As allways I adapted from family recipes and … More

Pokemon Bento Easy

Today was an easy bento as once again I was in a rush. I think I might have to start preping bento at night to have more ready in the morning. Plus like I said I need to update a stash. Oh time is all I really need now.

So I made this easy Pokemon Bento. I used some veg rice from last nights dinner added a cheese Pikachu with nori eyes and nose tomato cheeks and a cheese smile this with a cute bottle of GF soy sauce should make my kiddo very happy to eat today.

 On the … More

Christmas Tree Bento

Going all out here, this bento is busy with all kinds of colors and things to keep her excited at lunch today.

This Christmas Tree Bento is made out of sticky rice with a touch of green food color, sure I could have used peas smashed but I did it quick today.

 I added some sliced carrot and radish circles for ornaments, then I put sliced baby carrot for snowflakes all over it is topped with a ribbon decoration. I used a pick inside a star shaped egg, next to a carved radish then some meat flower and carrot slices, … More

Fun Food – Stamped Up Hot Dog & Biscuit

One of my comfort foods is definitely hot dogs ( or mini sausages) wrapped up in a biscuit, I LOVE THEM! Luckily my kiddos love them too, I always hear from my older kiddo and hubby is there any more?  We usually scarf them down pretty quick.

So For a bento the other day (check it out at   http://mommasays.net/1733/fun-bun-bento  ) I had made some and the rest were not here long. I think that the addition of the stamp was fun and my youngest kiddo really liked it. I think I have to contemplate what other foods can be stamped … More

Recipe: Best Veggie Stuffed Shells

I have been trying to amp up the veggie intake lately for my kiddo, which is never a bad thing… So she loves pasta (like Mother like daughter) and I thought stuffed shells would be great because there really is not a big plate of pasta it is just the shell. Then I thought what to add inside.

My fridge had the usual so I thought why not use it all.  My kiddo cannot have cows milk because of her milk allergy but the doctor told her that goats milk is different and she should not have a reaction and … More