Cute Little Piggy Bento

I am striving to make sure kiddo is not eating anything with dyes now in her lunches. This along with diary free and GF I was thinking is a uphill battle, but  with just bumping up more of her favs plus I seriously don’t use food coloring a lot I think I am doing well.  I also decided to use brown rice whenever possible instead of white to bump up her fiber.  So you may notice as I use more rice lately in my bentos I have used sticky rice but now brown and believe it or not she actually … More

Cute Animal Bento


With everything going on here I had bento guilt and made sure kiddo got her bento. While I was making it she saw it and said Oh how cute and then put more picks. So with here in mind it has many animal picks today and that is so OK she made it her own now.  I wonder if she will get the bento bug and then start making her own bentos?  Who knows but it would be fun to include her plus all that matters is that she likes the bentos, so if kiddo wants alot of picks … More

Valentines Bento Bear

Love is in the air and in the bento! My Valentines Bento Bear is sure to make my kiddo swoon when she open up the bento box today.

Today’s bento is in a very cute heart boxes. Kiddo wanted an animal bento so I made her a sticky rice bear. I of course used my favorite Annie Chun’s brand minute sticky rice. See my review on it here:


So after cooking the rice in micro for 1 min, I added some rice vinegar sprinkled on top and a pinch of salt to flavor it. I then packed it into … More

Sea Pasta Bento

I entered this Sea Pasta Bento I made into a contest and sadly did not win or come close.  Not sure what they were looking for but OH WELL,  at least I came out of my comfort space and tried, who knows one day maybe it will be a win next time. Just sad for kiddo, her biggest dream is to go to Japan (Tokyo) to shop and see the sights. I promise we will get there somehow someway baby!

For this bento I used Squash ravioli for fish and cut the edge into fin shapes, made the crab out … More

You’ll Turn Into A Tree

If you swallow a seed it will grow a plant in you.

How many times as a child a felt the fear of this one. I would have the nightmarish thoughts of vines growing out my nose and ears, then being taunted by other kids. Even thoughts of a painfull death as I slowly turned into a tree. Yea this one is a classic to scare the kiddies with.

According to Sam Beattie, PhD on the web Responds:

Plant seeds are made up of a variety of compounds, including some that may be good for you, such as polyphenols, a More

Another Cute Bunny Bento

Were up and running here in the woods and I am trying to get back in the swing of things as I get my house together. I have gotten my bento gear together and now I made my first bento since moving.

Another Cute Bunny Bento is the bento today. Bunnies are my go to when I have brain drain, LOL. Helps that my kiddo absolutely loves bunnies. I dont have a stash anymore as my go to. That will definitely be on my list of “to do’s” when I get all my stuff finally in order here. Didn’t realize … More

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Simply Sweet Bento

I got up a little late and basically threw this one together, not bad for quick bento.

I quickly baked up some Simply Smart chicken chunks (Perdue brand sells GF too!) I had them from the night before and my kiddo said to me “Mom, these nuggets are real chicken and  YUMMY” so I guess for a quick meal I will be buying this brand again. I found them in the cold food section of the store near lunch meats, so they are not frozen. She liked that they were not minced chicken meat but real chicken pieces.  I liked … More

Easter and its different meanings

Easter always one of my personal favorite holidays. I have very fond memories of getting all dressed up and going to my Grandma’s house in Chicago suburb and filling the Easter Basket with treats and Polish food that we would eat for Breakfast.

 Then we would go to the Church and have the baskets blessed by the Catholic Priest. I could not wait to get back home as we could not eat anything until after mass. The blessed basket with polish sausage, colored eggs, horseradish and polish breads and treats would smell so good as I sat there, kneeling waiting … More

Girly Monkey Bento

I made this bento because on my daughters new towel it has a cute girly monkey on it and I call my kiddo “my monkey”.  Well my monkey got sick on Monday so bento could not be given and it was stored in the fridge. Well after two days now, I will show my still sick kiddo her bento if she can eat the rice, dont think it will be a good idea to eat the cute meat and non dairy cheese monkey cause she is still sick and will be more on blander diet, so sadly she will be … More