Costumes More Than Just for Halloween

Well it is the time of year when you can choose to be scary, cute, daring or just silly. It is the one time when some kids actually get to really think “what do I want to be”.  For some kids like mine they have been planning on it all year! My daughter since last year wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer Girl. There has been nothing else on her mind all year.  I remember a couple years back at this time she could not decide between the Super Girl costume or going purposely against scary and being a Christmas … More

So Much Hair

When your pregnant if you have alot of indigestion your baby will have nice thick hair when it is born.

Yea right, when I was pregnant with my first born I had heart burn that could bring a man to is knees (at times I wished it was my hubby). Hoping it was true, the thoughts of a beautiful baby girl with gorgeous head of hair is what got me though it all. Alas this one is so not true. My child was so bald I had to tape bows to her head so people would not say “My, your … More

A+ Kid Bento

First Day of school here and once again the daily bentos will be made.  It is exciting for both of us, she loves the lunches and I try to get my food crafting blood going.

I made the A+ Kid Bento because I was thinking of a theme for her first day and got inspiration from looking at old scrapbooks I had made over the years (insert big sigh).

A+ Bento comes with a slight advantage from all previous bentos, it is not gluten free. (in my head is playing Dum Dum Dum Dum like a cliff hanger from a … More

Autographed Disney Photo Frame

If you read my blog you know we went to Disney recently to bow down to the Mouse of mouses and give him allot of money (LOL).  Don’t get me wrong the trip was worth every cent that my kiddos PT paid, for sure the memories are priceless! Especially the look on her face when she realized we were driving into Disneyworld….

There are allot of good sites out there to help you plan out a trip and make good decisions on things. On many of them Mommas posted on a great souvenir idea, an autographed photo frame. This is … More

Panda Fun Bento

Here is a bento I forgot to show dont know why but here it is…

This was easily made with the help of little silicon cups with bear ears. I filled them with rice added some face detail with nori and done! I added some carrots cut into flowers, turkey flower roll, dried fruit sticks, green pea pods, cherry tomato, baby apple, gapes and a little fancy lettuce. Added some color to this kinda bland bento with the help of flower silicon dividers and a small panda food divider.

I dont think this is my best bento but it was … More

Bunny Birthday Bento

Bunny Birthday Bento is another of the weeks birthday themed bentos. It is not a totally birthday looking bento but the bunny sammi has a little birthday hat on, so I will say it is birthday.

My kiddo loves bunnies and I have done a few bunnies in her bentos so this one is going to be a fav for sure. I made three little sammis and used a cookie press to indent the bread (they are also sold as sandwich press on bento sites). My kiddo loves little cute sammis and the bunny is sure to please along with … More

Fun Food Bento 2

My kiddo loves anything meat and cheese. She struggles with the desire to be a vegetarian but this past few weeks she is all meat all the time.  She LOVES sandwiches.  I admit to my love of all things bread so I must have somehow passed on that gene ;P

So she also loves anime, so I made her face in a sandwich for her bento today. My Happy Kiddo Bento….

It is two round cut out pieces of bread with a face on top of cheese face, mouth,and bow. Salami hair, nori eyes.  I also told her she needs … More

Garden Bento

 Todays bento is called Garden Bento because this weekend is planting day for us!  We are gearing up to plant our garden and crossing our fingers that our “green thumb” will start to show,LOL…

Cute Garden Bento was made using many picks of vegetables placed into some beef and brussel sprouts with GF  pasta and topped with BACON!  My kiddo is obviously not on her vegetarian kick this week, she just loves bacon way too much right now. LOL

I bordered the pasta garden with some green grass baran. Next compartment I put some apple slices, a cherry tomato with … More

Guest Writers Wanted

I have been mowing over the idea of guest writers and have had some people interested contact me lately.  I thought this is a good idea and would like to make a formal posting for Momma’s  out there.  If you are that type of person who is creative loves to write and has something to say but are sitting home with the kids now and need that outlet this may be the place for you.  Maybe your a professional and can contribute in some format on children, family or something you think will be relevant to .    I would … More

Bento Body Parts Lunch


Last Halloween I made a similar bento and kiddo and her school friends loved the gross idea. Even though the bento itself was not too gross it was just the reading of what I thought the items were out loud made it seem even more creepy than it actually was.

For this Bento body parts lunch I used some mini hot dogs in a biscuit with some ketchup as blood,  apple smile with gummy teeth and a Frankenstein food decoration, mashed potato brains with pink food spray and web food decoration, egg eyeball with gummy iris, spider food decoration on … More