Creepy Bento Lunch


Yes another Halloween bento lunch for kiddo today. I am pumped up cause we decorated the house last night or should I say Hubby finally added the extensions cords so everything I did outside a few days ago ( AHEM)  would be lit up and ready for Halloween. Kiddo loved it and it was just the right amount of scary and cute!

So today I used a food cutter on my kiddos sammi. It was a skull and I felt it needed the black food coloring cause I could not see the mouth detail in the GF bread. Not sure … More

Vision of carrots

If you eat plenty of carrots you will have excellent vision.

Though I was not a fan when I was young,  eating a mushy cooked carrot turned me colors just to keep it down. I would weigh the consequences of wearing glasses or eating cooked carrots heavily in my mind and if given the chance would have opted for the glasses. As an adult I have found a love for the orange villain of long ago. But the tale is actually kinda true.  According to John Allred, Professor of Nutrition at Ohio State, They are high in beta carotene which … More

Fall Bento Lunch


Today is crisp Fall day and though I love living here in the forest we only have Pine trees so I don’t get the fall colors in the trees. Plus it is a short window here in Colorado to see the Aspen tree changes and I missed it this year :(   .  So I might have to go search for some colorful trees to do our family photo I like to shoot, I may have no luck this year sigh…  So with Fall colors in mind I made this cute bento to celebrate the leaves.

I made this easy by … More

Thankful: My Mothers Day Special Surprise

Mothers Day is a day we of course say thanks to our Mom’s. For all they have done. Unappreciated things that we look over and they just sigh, for all the going without so you can have and of course the undying love that Momma has for her babies.

The past few years my family has had some ups and downs. Sign of the times it seems. As a Momma I try to keep it positive. That’s what we do. We suck it all up. We compensate for it all. I know I have tried to make it all good.… More

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Campfire Cupcakes and Cake

My kiddo had her BFF come over for a birthday party we gave her and since the weather is still nice she wanted a camp over with her and sleep in the tent in our woods

So a Camp theme party it was. We had a lot of fun cause I had them decorate back packs with fabric paint and then they did a hunt for fun camping toy items I placed all over the wood and garden.

We roasted hot dogs and made s’mores over a small fire (in a tiny bar B - Q). We topped it off … More

Santa Bento

Today’s Christmas themed bento is the big man himself, Santa Claus!

I first used some left over dinner and my kiddos favorite food when she is eating meat (vegetarian one month full on meat eater the next-silly bean), BBQ ribs and yes it it GF! I also added some broccoli and baby carrot with a star pick, a red bow to make it festive and her little bottle of GF soy sauce.

The other side I made Santa out of : Mashed potato face with left over rice for beard, his face is radish cheeks, nori eyes and mouth with … More

The Lorax Bento

Took my kiddo to see Dr Seuss movie “The Lorax”, so my bento is I know late for his Birthday that just past but at least I got one in honor of this wonderful children’s book writers.  I will review movie for Friday, so check back.

For The Lorax Bento I tried my hand at painting cheese with food coloring, it was tricky to use but I at least got the image I wanted somewhat I think…

The Lorax truffula trees and the  Ba-ba-loot bear peeking around them were painted onto cheese, they are on top of a turkey and … More

Better kid Lunch=Bento Box Lunch (sticky rice recipe)

With the recent addition of a very cute Hello Kitty Bento box set my daughter got from her Auntie Isa and Uncle Matt.  I ventured into making the new way of packing a lunch with a healthy and colorful attitude.  If you never heard of Bento boxes they are a Japanese way of a packed lunch box which is small, nutritiously balanced and appealing to the eye.  Think 3 part carbs (usually rice), 1 part protein and 2 parts fruit and vegetables. Traditionally no sweets, but I usually stick some sort of treat if I can fit it. You want … More

Surviving Family Visits

Sometimes it all sounds so good at first. You decide to have the family out for a visit. Maybe you decided for some reason to go take the kids to see the parents in Florida instead of going to Hawaii and spending time alone.  Are we nuts, your thinking halfway through the trip. Dreaming how that  beach in Hawaii would have been the better choice and keeping the blood inside your mouth while you bite your lip…

Weather it is family visiting your home or you decide to go take the trip to visit them it can be stressful and … More

Quick Cute Bento


Some mornings you just don’t have time to make a cute and detailed bento. That is where some cute picks and a quick and easy design (if any) is used. 

How much easier is it to just do a quick punch of nori for the face and a cut corner of cheese. The longest thing about this bento is the time it took to steam the BBQ bun!

For this quick bento that is sure to please I used Pikachu as my inspiration thanks to the cute pick. The container has a top bowl that I was able to … More