GF products where are you?

Since I am still a little new about buying gluten free items on the store shelves, seems like not alot of brands will list on front of packages that they are gluten free. Some stores barely have a GF or organic section, though some make an attempt. In the end a store shopping session can take forever if you have to read all the labels in the store of all the things you want to buy for your family. Well the store King Soopers has made it very easy for newbie GF people to find and compare items. I just … More

Guest Writers Wanted

I have been mowing over the idea of guest writers and have had some people interested contact me lately.  I thought this is a good idea and would like to make a formal posting for Momma’s  out there.  If you are that type of person who is creative loves to write and has something to say but are sitting home with the kids now and need that outlet this may be the place for you.  Maybe your a professional and can contribute in some format on children, family or something you think will be relevant to .    I would … More

Christmas Traditions Start One

Many of us now a days think Christmas and get a deep sigh of thoughts of bills, standing in line for that one item at a good price,  black Friday, oh no kids off school and basically the feeling is oh no its not here already! We have forgotten the true message.  For many people including myself it is of religious significance. Some it is Santa and just they joy the season brings or a combination of the two.  One thing for sure it should not be of dread that it is around the corner.

I have over the past … More

Safe Trick or Treating:Does child predators live by you and other tips!

With the Halloween night upon us the best thing to do is to know your neighborhood. There is allot going on these days. I have one teen who wants to run around town with her friends on Halloween Night and still a little one whose hand will gladly be in mine while we walk the sidewalk together and go trick or treating.

So there are a lot of things you can do to have a safe Halloween tonight. The first I suggest is go to the web site  this web sight is great cause now you can put in … More

Christmas around the world

I just love Christmas the lights and music, Baby Jesus in the manger. In my house he is the reason for the season as for many.  It all makes me thing what I am blessed for..Christmas makes me think of family and how I want to hold traditions close. As I get more involved with my families heritage I want to try foods and all from where my families roots are and I have a few staples in my cook book but I love to find new ones. I found a web site  SOO COOL! It breaks down countries … More

Peanut Butter & Jelly Roll Bento

How do you turn a yummy but boring PB & J into something new? Turn it into a jelly roll!  My kiddo loves when we make her sammis into rolls, pinwheels or jelly rolls ( all means the same). It makes it fun to look at all the layers and colors, swirled up into a yummy bite sized treat. Your not limited to PB & J, try any sammi and see the smiles.

Today’s bento my kiddo (and I hee hee hee) were craving for some PB & J. Who doesn’t love those? So easy to make and fun to … More

How To Take Care Of Your Pumpkin

Little background to start off about Halloween and pumpkin carving.

The Druids were a Celtic religious order in Ireland, Britain and France  dated back to 700 BC. These ancient customs believed that the spirits of the dead left their graves on All Hallows’ Eve and would want to come back to their old home. The fearful village people did not want to be visited by the ghosts would then dress up in costumes thinking this would scare off any unwanted visiting ghosts.

Irish folklore is where the Jack-O-Lantern is trace back to. The legend says there was an Irishman who … More

Cute Bunny Bento

Yea, springtime is here and Easter is around the corner!  So Bunny Bentos are going in full swing for now.  My kiddo loves all things bunny (as do I), we even had rabbits. They are fun pets, but dont live too long so keep that in mind if you ever decide to get one.

Cute Bunny Bento is my kiddos lunch today. I love the little faces! For this bento I made little bunny rabbit sammis with cute pick bow and a pick hat, nori face. They are sitting on a mix of greens, some baby carrots and a cherry … More

Bear Bento Snack

Friday is snack days since elementary only is a half day. I wish I had that when I was in elementary school, not sure what my Mom would say to that.  The half day thing every Friday does hamper when both parents work I am sure.  I am very lucky that I can be a stay home Momma and I am so blessed for it, that is all I wanted to do for my kiddos. I had to work many times and the pressures and guilt was difficult for me. I give my heart out to all those Mommas (and … More

Halloween Bento 3

My kiddo has been loving the Halloween Bentos I have been making her for  lunch. One thing I have been adding is a scary menu to tell what the freaky treats are. With this bento since it is not really freaky food I made a short story of what Brynn the witch was doing. 

 In this fun and festive bento I made some quick rice balls with again my favorite microwave sticky rice.  Formed it inot the witch face and a ghost. Using nori to cover the witch’s hat and for face details. I used shredded cucumber skin for the … More