Pumpkin Bento 2

The next in my spirited bentos this week is my Pumpkin Bento 2.

I used that minute sticky rice that I love now, because you can make cute rice balls in a minute (not talking about decorating just cooking).

See my review on this item under bento I did recently,


I used the minute sticky rice to make the scary pumpkin I used a touch of food coloring but mostly the color came from grated carrot I used on a micro plane. I made a Hello Kitty in a costume bat she is surrounded by lettuce and sliced cucumber … More

Fun Food Bento 2

My kiddo loves anything meat and cheese. She struggles with the desire to be a vegetarian but this past few weeks she is all meat all the time.  She LOVES sandwiches.  I admit to my love of all things bread so I must have somehow passed on that gene ;P

So she also loves anime, so I made her face in a sandwich for her bento today. My Happy Kiddo Bento….

It is two round cut out pieces of bread with a face on top of cheese face, mouth,and bow. Salami hair, nori eyes.  I also told her she needs … More

Recipe: Colored Egg Sheets for Spring Chick Bento

 I allways wondered how people were making eggs and cutting them into shapes or using them to wrap other food into.  the possibilites are boundless of the types of bento you can create! So after several attempts on my own I searched out the perfect recipe so my bentos can even get more complex for me in the morning, LOL!

I found basic recipe in one of my new books, but after looking on the web alot of people strain the beaten egg, that way you dont get the white patches in the egg like I did. Darn that is … More

Panda Fun Bento

Here is a bento I forgot to show dont know why but here it is…

This was easily made with the help of little silicon cups with bear ears. I filled them with rice added some face detail with nori and done! I added some carrots cut into flowers, turkey flower roll, dried fruit sticks, green pea pods, cherry tomato, baby apple, gapes and a little fancy lettuce. Added some color to this kinda bland bento with the help of flower silicon dividers and a small panda food divider.

I dont think this is my best bento but it was … More

Better kid Lunch=Bento Box Lunch (sticky rice recipe)

With the recent addition of a very cute Hello Kitty Bento box set my daughter got from her Auntie Isa and Uncle Matt.  I ventured into making the new way of packing a lunch with a healthy and colorful attitude.  If you never heard of Bento boxes they are a Japanese way of a packed lunch box which is small, nutritiously balanced and appealing to the eye.  Think 3 part carbs (usually rice), 1 part protein and 2 parts fruit and vegetables. Traditionally no sweets, but I usually stick some sort of treat if I can fit it. You want … More

Meal Planning For Dummies

I am not sure if they actually have one of these books for meal planning. I know I have seen those “For Dummies” on a whole slew of subjects. I have even purchased some myself.  In my home I usually go by what is on sale and plan some meals around that. Sometimes it is what am I craving this week. Holidays always make it easier to decide what to make, old stand bys or traditional.

One thing I have learned that you cannot please everyone all the time. Though when I pick something that is not one of the … More

Happy Apple Farm

Well it is that time of year when summer is coming to the end and fall is near. This is the time when I like to take a day trip and take the kids to Happy Apple Farm. I highly recommend taking your family to Happy Apple Farm. The farmer is great he takes you by tractor or hay ride to the orchard. What kid would not love that! He is great about telling you where what kind of apple tree is and what is in season at the moment and where to find what is left of a over … More

Hello Kitty Witch Bento


Today is Halloween! I wanted to make something cute for kiddos lunch and nothing is cuter than Hello kitty. I wanted her to be colorful and full of Halloween fun.


I started with sticky rice of course using Annie Chun’s minute sticky rice. I put the rice into a mold (Pikachu) then after I took it out I kinda remolded it and cut the ears down to look like Hello Kitty more.


I then used nori for the face details. I put her into a silicon lettuce leaf cup and put a witches hat.  I put a few … More

Bee Cute Bento

The sun must be coming up better here in the Rockies because the mornings are now so bright (yea I can take bento pics with no flash), Spring is around the corner. So to celebrate this I made a BEE CUTE BENTO for my kiddo for lunch today.

For this cute GF bento I used some mashed potato from my freezer stash, on top I made a quick egg sheet and cut out a bee added nori stripes and face, cheese for wings and eyeballs. (nori was curling from warm egg-arrgh) Next I put some baby corn and pea pods, … More

Phineas & Ferb Bento

Today I made my kiddo a more fun Bento because she was home sick from school for so long and I know she still wanted to be home, even though she is better and should go…

So Phineas and Ferb bento today!  Hoping this will cheer her up.  I made them out of my favorite quick sticky rice by Annie Chun, check out my review    .  I used dairy free cheeses for their eyes and hair, rest of face detail if nori.  I painted Ferb’s hair with food coloring. They are sitting on a slice of meat for a background.… More