Spring Time Bento!

I love spring. Not to warm and not too cold here in Colorado. You cannot totally put away your winter clothes because we can get a snowfall up to Mothers Day!. Best thing though the snow melts in 24 hours usually and the next day could be in the high 60 to low 70′s! Crazy, I know…

 My bentos have been a little on the quick side since were still packing but I found some easy ways to make them still.

One of my new toys is a sandwich maker. You can buy them online, I bought mine at Wal*&^%.. … More

Best GF Bread Mix


So after purchasing different varieties of mixes to premaid brands of gluten free breads to make a kid friendly sandwich. Hoping to find one with a taste and texture that would not feel like you have small grains of sand in your mouth. I stumbled upon Gluten Free Pantry’s favorite sandwich bread mix to make in my bread machine.

The price is about 5 bucks, not much of a difference there, seems all GF breads are about the same price weather pre made in packages in store or mix you have to make. That will be the only downside to … More

Starving a cold

Feed a fever starve a cold.

We have all heard this one. It makes no sense at at, maybe it came because when your sick you don’t feel like eating? You mostly just pray at times for death to come swiftly. I do know that it is unhealthy especially when it comes to getting yourself dehydrated. That right there will get you in a whole lot of hurt, been there done that and no thanks.  Not unless you like an IV at midnight from a tired intern is your kinda fun.

Momma says drink pleanty of fluids if your sick More

Recipe: Tasty Turkey

Ok you have the big bird ready to go. First off get the bag of fun innards out of the inside of the bird. It is stuffed in there somewhere so look for it. I cannot tell you how many people first attempts at cooking a Thanksgiving bird left it in. I admit I did it my first time cooking Thanksgiving.

Oh yea and the lovely neck bone that is another fun one that is in there too.

Maybe you have attempted it before with decent results but nothing over the top. Well if you want to truly infuse the … More

Rudolph the Reindeer Bento


Of course I had to do Rudolph! The movie is so cute I remember being a kid and freaking out when it came on TV.  My kiddo loves it too and is somewhat amazed that movies have come so far since when I was a kiddo.  We had a lot of good laughs watching it and she was grossed out with the Yukon Cornelius guy cause he would lick and taste his pick ax aka Miley Cyrus LOL…

So for Rudolph I had purchased this old cookie cutter set that made a 3D Santa and his sleigh cookie that you … More

Christmas around the world

I just love Christmas the lights and music, Baby Jesus in the manger. In my house he is the reason for the season as for many.  It all makes me thing what I am blessed for..Christmas makes me think of family and how I want to hold traditions close. As I get more involved with my families heritage I want to try foods and all from where my families roots are and I have a few staples in my cook book but I love to find new ones. I found a web site

http://www.christmas-cookies.com/recipes/bycountry.php  SOO COOL! It breaks down countries … More

Organization Time

Now that the Christmas season has come to a close and the kiddos will be starting back to school tomarrow, I decided that I would gear up for those bento lunches and early morning breakafasts (and of course my daily posts ).

I had to go through all the leftover snacks and treats that were here durring the holidays while the kiddos were home and hungry.

I opened my small cubbord where I have all that good stuff and said to myself, I expect the girls to keep their stuff tidy this kitchen is out of control.  That is not … More

Frankenweenie Bento Lunch


One thing me and kiddo like to do is watch fun family movies and Halloween family movies is just perfect now (though we do watch all year long too). My hubby is a horror movie buff but I don’t care for slasher films. So what happens is he winds up watching the scary ones with my older daughter and I watch all the fun ones with kiddo its a nice agreement.

We love the movie Frankenweenie! So I thought I would make her a Frankenweenie bento lunch today.

For this Halloween fun kid lunch I painted on some GF DF … More

MommaSays.net Now On Face Book

Hey all. I want to thank everyone who stops by to visit my little blog. I am asking if you can to please LIKE me on FB. I am trying to get MommaSays.net out there for more people to see and check out. So thanks to all of you who visit.

I hope to keep everyone keep coming back often with updated fun thoughts that run through my head and good recipies and reviews to help make your life easier.

Have a great weekend,

Big Momma


Southwest Airlines: Unbelievable Heart for Customer Service

The way things are now a days it is so hard to find customer service in any company. You are usually just one person insignificant in a sea of people, a number or something. Companies usually do not have heart. They are in it for the almighty dollar and not caring how they get it or if you are happy cause if your not someone else out there will take it so who cares. This is our sad reality of the capitalism. Too bad you would think that if a company really cared that people would flock to them for … More