Meal Planning For Dummies

I am not sure if they actually have one of these books for meal planning. I know I have seen those “For Dummies” on a whole slew of subjects. I have even purchased some myself.  In my home I usually go by what is on sale and plan some meals around that. Sometimes it is what am I craving this week. Holidays always make it easier to decide what to make, old stand bys or traditional.

One thing I have learned that you cannot please everyone all the time. Though when I pick something that is not one of the … More

Breakfast Buddy Bento

This bento comes from two of my kiddos favorite things, first breakfast second dogs. This bento has a lot of food so she was told any leftovers are for second snack time.  With all these yummy breakfast foods I am sure there will be nothing in the bag when she gets home.

Breakfast Buddy Bento has a kinda lame dog that I quickly slapped together as a space filler since this box I used to so big! Of course the “dog” is made of hot dog, LOL – what else could it have been?  (always use nitrate free, quality all … More

Cute Panda Bento

 So today is a simple and quick bento. The Cute Panda Bento was put together because I have been getting leftovers sent home. I hate food waste so my bentos will get on the smaller side until kiddo shows signs of I need more food.

Does not mean cuteness has to stop since the package is smaller!  Today I put this bento together with the easy to decorate boiled egg. Gotta love the boiled egg, they are yummy and can be decorated so easily.  My panda was simply just nori face and ears punched out and a cute heart pick. … More

Alien Bento

With summertime here we have not made our daily bentos but I am trying to get one in here and there.  With that said my kiddo has been also suffering tummy troubles and sometimes does not want allot of food or is specific on what she has a taste for.  So she wanted an egg, I thought hey I will make this egg bento today.

My Alien bento was super easy and fast. Plus it is on a stick and who doesnt love food on a stick! Grammy also sent us a bento box that a stick can fit into … More

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If you need Momma’s opinion on your item don’t hesitate to email me.

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Love Monster Bento

I am so gearing up for Halloween here but as it is not even October I could not start with spooky bentos. So I opted to make a Love Monster Bento for my kiddo.

We are using some gluten products lately as I am sure you can tell by my posts and I will say my kiddo mostly missed bread, alas she has Momma’s love of carbs, poor baby…

So now we have a love monster sammi, made of a bagel(you could still go GF with this) with turkey for hair and non dairy cheeses for teeth, eyes and heart … More

Simple Bear Bento


My simple bear bento lunch for kiddo was inspired by the cute little panda cookies I bought at the Asian market. Such a cute cookie I had to buy it for kiddos bentos.

To make this bento I made a basic sammi with GF bread (Udies hot dog bun) I added ears made of carrot attached them with a pick made of GF uncooked spaghetti. I also added some nori detail for face and a cute little blue bow pick. Opposite I added the cookie, some baran grass a small sausage with a flower cut into it, heart silicon cup … More

Cute Sammi Bento

Cute Sammi Bento today, I have been craving peanut butter and jelly sammi so much cause of my dieting, not sure why, maybe just because I am not eating bread..

Well to at least lick peanut butter off the spoon, I made these PB & J sammis (GF Bread). I decorated the top with some cute flower sprinkles, then added a cherry tomato, beef roll into a rose with pea pod leaf, cup of berries with a heart pick, another meat flower, turkey cheese and tomato roll, pea pod, slivers of carrot.

It is pretty and colorful so my kiddo … More

Little Lovin’ Bento

I made todays bento for my kiddo with some of the stash I had because I really need to go shopping and there was no left-overs from dinner and the creative juices were hiding this morning from lack of sleep.

So she will still be happy because it is GF Lasagna, made with the rice noodles. She LOVES this recipe. Check it out from my post:…n-free-lasagna

I also added some broccoli, heart hot dog with a heart cut out apple. under the apple is carrot sticks and apple sticks.  Few heart picks to hold the hot dog in place … More

Flower Power Bento


While feeling uninspired this morning I decided to find something to spark creativity in my cookie cutters. I found a cool flower shape and inspiration was set.

I used the flower cookie cutter to cut some ham I then was frying it in a pan and thought I will add some egg. Kiddo loves breakfast anytime of the day so why not.  I had already put some rice in the bottom of the container and just used the container as a template and cut the omelet out with a knife.  I placed the cuttings into the rice and then laid … More