Bento Body Parts Lunch


Last Halloween I made a similar bento and kiddo and her school friends loved the gross idea. Even though the bento itself was not too gross it was just the reading of what I thought the items were out loud made it seem even more creepy than it actually was.

For this Bento body parts lunch I used some mini hot dogs in a biscuit with some ketchup as blood,  apple smile with gummy teeth and a Frankenstein food decoration, mashed potato brains with pink food spray and web food decoration, egg eyeball with gummy iris, spider food decoration on … More

Girly Monkey Bento

I made this bento because on my daughters new towel it has a cute girly monkey on it and I call my kiddo “my monkey”.  Well my monkey got sick on Monday so bento could not be given and it was stored in the fridge. Well after two days now, I will show my still sick kiddo her bento if she can eat the rice, dont think it will be a good idea to eat the cute meat and non dairy cheese monkey cause she is still sick and will be more on blander diet, so sadly she will be … More

Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini

Our garden is producing vegetables now and we are so excited. My kiddo is so excited to pick it all feeling a great sense of accomplishment on her gardening skills. One of the veggies that is growing like bonkers is our zucchini and yellow squash, both of which her Daddy loves (and sorry to say I have never cooked in the past). So with many recipe books and Internet searches, I developed a recipe that tasted pretty darn good (even I who doesn’t ever eat the stuff actually ate two helpings). The kiddos had mixed reviews, the big kiddo ate … More

Vision of carrots

If you eat plenty of carrots you will have excellent vision.

Though I was not a fan when I was young,  eating a mushy cooked carrot turned me colors just to keep it down. I would weigh the consequences of wearing glasses or eating cooked carrots heavily in my mind and if given the chance would have opted for the glasses. As an adult I have found a love for the orange villain of long ago. But the tale is actually kinda true.  According to John Allred, Professor of Nutrition at Ohio State, They are high in beta carotene which … More

Recipe: Autumn Pear Pie

Fall is here and the grocery is having huge sale on pears. I love pears especially super juicy and sweet ones like Anjou, I also love Asian pears.
They are the perfect snack next to the popular apples.
Some pear facts :The pear is all natural, quick little pick me up of energy, due mostly to its high amounts of two (big word of the day here) monosaccharides: fructose and glucose or should I just plainly say simple sugar. It also has Levulose, the sweetest of known natural sugars, found to be mostly in fresh pears than any other fruit. … More

Halloween Bento


Halloween Spooky fun. My kiddos friends loved her Pumpkin Bento I made yesterday so I stepped it up just a little today.

I have at the bottom GF Alfredo pasts with dried nori flakes (kinda looks like bats or cloudy sky) cheese moon, cat and pumpkin. Cats eyes were black sesame seeds, the shape worked great and nori for pumpkin face. Under cat is a bacon fence and above is a spider web carved into her apple. Under the pumpkin is her veg mix with a food separator leaf for decoration.

I made some GF Pumpkin cake for her … More

I Love Breakfast Bento

I believe yesterday was international pancake day, so in light of this I am reposting this cute bento I made from last year, plus kiddo is sick home from school today so no bento :(

This is the last bento before our BIG Disney vacation. We are leaving bright and early so we have as much time in Florida as we can!

This bento has a love bug in it because Valentines is just around the corner and my kiddo loves breakfast. So the I Love Breakfast Bento was made special just for her!

The best think is of course … More

Phineas & Ferb Bento

Today I made my kiddo a more fun Bento because she was home sick from school for so long and I know she still wanted to be home, even though she is better and should go…

So Phineas and Ferb bento today!  Hoping this will cheer her up.  I made them out of my favorite quick sticky rice by Annie Chun, check out my review    .  I used dairy free cheeses for their eyes and hair, rest of face detail if nori.  I painted Ferb’s hair with food coloring. They are sitting on a slice of meat for a background.… More

Bento Prep For School Year

I have been browsing the web as my kiddo cleaned her room and many people as expected are gearing up for the new school year.   I too have got to get it all together like yesterday as on the 15 is the start for one of my kiddos.

I need to get my small kitchen in shape for the morning rush and the many lunches to create. I stared by totally going through the cabinets. Since moving in a few months ago I basically just put stuff away in time to get ready for summer and kiddos being home.  Moving … More

Another Cute Bunny Bento

Were up and running here in the woods and I am trying to get back in the swing of things as I get my house together. I have gotten my bento gear together and now I made my first bento since moving.

Another Cute Bunny Bento is the bento today. Bunnies are my go to when I have brain drain, LOL. Helps that my kiddo absolutely loves bunnies. I dont have a stash anymore as my go to. That will definitely be on my list of “to do’s” when I get all my stuff finally in order here. Didn’t realize … More