The Maldives are the Indian Ocean archipelago consisting of more than 1,000 islands and is famous for its stunning turquoise waters, white powder sandy beaches, and lavish overwater bungalow hotels. A few Maldives islands are home to people and are used to host tourists, while others are left unexplored, but each island has its own little piece of paradise.

Here are our personal favourite list of Island,

  • Filhal hohi Island
    Here’s something, If there’s an Island that exudes romance and romance, it’s Filhalhohi Island in the Maldives. This is one of the best Island in Maldives tour packages you found online. The island is considered to be among the top destinations to visit in the world, and this is a region of the Maldives that offers a variety of options for visitors.
    You will not just find the best activities during their time in the Maldives here but be able to visit some peaceful spots on the island.
    The most exciting feature? It even is home to a Filhalhohi Island Resort that features overwater bungalows available for guests for their stay. Tourists can visit this region of Maldives and enjoy a holiday and return. Since this island is considered to be one of the stunning spots in the Maldives tourists, love returning to this island.
  • Fulidhoo Island
    One of the smallest, but the most stunning islands in the Maldives, it provides you with a tranquil space to relax and enjoy the splendour of the ocean as well as the white powder Bikini beach while snacking on hedhikaa (short meals) as well as spicy curries made from fish with roshi bread in the small number of restaurants.
  • Siyam World Maldives
    It will open in the month of September 2021 on the Island of Dhigurah, located in Noonu Atoll. Siyam World Maldives has eight restaurants which include one with an underground wine bar as well as one that specialises in Japanese food.
    It’s also extremely family-friendly, which makes it ideal for those visiting the Maldives with children.


  • Male Island
    Male Island is one of the top islands in the Maldives for couples looking to experience a luxurious and exciting pleasure. The principal international airport in the Maldives is on the island, and you can visit the island either at the beginning of the conclusion of your honeymoon.
    You will be able to learn more about the Maldivian culture and weave unforgettable memories through your love story. Modernity and culture let you enjoy an excursion to see the sights on this Maldives honeymoon. Without a doubt, it’s one of the ideal places to begin your honeymoon.


  • Landaa Giraavaru
    The home of the Four Seasons resort, the beautiful coastlines at Landaa Giraavaru — one of the most sought-after islands private in the Maldives is the most luxurious you can get. Tourists will be able to see the long sandbank stretching into the turquoise waters that are awe-inspiring.
    The beaches on this idyllic island are, as it is described by the Four Seasons puts it, “a natural UNESCO Biosphere Reserve wilderness where vibrant blues, lush greens, and sparkling whites mix conservation, innovation, and health. With the same intensity and force.” To top it all off, the water is home to manta sea turtles, rays, and a living reef that is begging for exploration.


  • Villingili Resort Island
    Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa is the only resort island on Addu Atoll in the Maldives. The isolated location and the lush tropical forest is ideal honeymoon destination for couples to enjoy nature at its finest.
    The resort features white sand beaches with luxurious villas, spas, and a variety of water sports activities for couples.


  • Baa atoll
    A rich marine ecosystem and the only biosphere reserve of UNESCO located in the Maldives, Baa Atoll is where you can find a diversity of marine life and amazing underwater life.
    Baa’s Atoll is renowned for its underwater world. Baa’s Atoll is the main attraction is Hanifaru Bay, known as the breeding ground of Gray reef sharks and Stingray Rays. It is located a 5-minute boat ride from Dharavandhoo.
    Hanifaru Bay is also one of the very few spots on earth that whale sharks can come to for mating. But the most affluent image of Hanifaru was attributed to the intriguing, beautiful, curious, and captivating Manta Rays (Manta alfredi) which concentration during the season of plankton could be as high as 200 animals. The astonishing diversity within the lake is because of the enormous quantity of plankton that accumulates during the months of May through November.


  • Gili Lankanfushi
    One of our most adored luxurious resorts located in The Maldives, Gili Lankanfushi, is a barefoot masterclass luxury. It is located in a large lagoon that offers some of the most beautiful diving and snorkelling in the area.
    This resort is a sight to behold. The bungalows are built and furnished with natural materials, such as local wood and thatch. The natural bathrooms provide an open-air yet private bathing experience that’s memorable!


  • Laamu Gan
    Gan is the largest island in the Maldives. It is divided into two wards, with the northernmost, which is known as Thunder, located in the middle of Mathimadhu and the southernmost at Mukurimagu.
    Four islands Gan, Maandhoo, Kadhdhoo, and Fonadhoo, which are connected with causeways, can be as long as 18 km, which is the longest length of land that is dry in the Maldives.