Pocket Pie Mold by William Sonoma

Pocket Pie Mold by William Sonoma

If you ever wanted to make cute little homemade pies you have to go to William Sonoma and purchase the pocket pie molds. This is a must have. The pie molds come in a few different varieties. I just bought my second one. I am now in possession of a heart shape mold which I really like with its little heart for a vent and my recent purchase was of a Lattice mold which looks like a little pie with traditional lattice top, it is too cute.

It is so easy you can make your own pie crust or buy one pre-made at the grocery (there is even a recipe on the box if you need one). The mold is then used like a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes for the top and bottom of pie, arrange dough into mold, fill and close the top to seal pie and crimp it shut.

Kids will enjoy helping with this if you have a little kitchen helper at your home. The nice thing is you can fill it with whatever you want, especially nice if your little one has dietary issues and you can make him cute pies for treat at lunch or if your little one cannot eat birthday snacks brought to school they can then have their own special treat.

Even filled with savory filling like a chicken pot pie would also be fun for dinner since they come in a variety of shapes. Anything to make your little one eat their vegetables easier is always a plus!

Momma says forget Hostess make your own darn pies.