Campfire Cupcakes and Cake

Campfire Cupcakes and Cake

My kiddo had her BFF come over for a birthday party we gave her and since the weather is still nice she wanted a camp over with her and sleep in the tent in our woods

So a Camp theme party it was. We had a lot of fun cause I had them decorate back packs with fabric paint and then they did a hunt for fun camping toy items I placed all over the wood and garden.

We roasted hot dogs and made s’mores over a small fire (in a tiny bar B – Q). We topped it off with the campfire cupcakes and cake I made.

The family and friends loved them and my kiddo especially loved it all and that was all that I needed to know, that kiddo had her day and all was good.

So this is how I made the cupcakes and the cake for the campfire themed look.

What you will need:

  • baked and cooled cupcakes
  • Frosting tinted green
  • tootsie rolls, rolled and marred to look like logs
  • life saver candies in red, orange and yellow (or white)
  • pretzel sticks
  • mini marshmallows

I crushed single colors at a time in a baggie and smashed them with a rolling pin.

I then laid the colors down with lighter colors at the top and more red near bottom to help resemble flames.

I used a silpat baking mat to place the crushed candies on to make sure that it would not stick when removed.

I put the sheet into a preheated 350 oven.

It only took a few minutes for the candies to melt and spread out nicely.

After you remove from oven let it cool completely.

Once it is cool snap the “glass” into different size triangular shapes some thin some thicker bigger and smaller. The varied shapes you crack will help give the illusion of the flames. Try cracking with some lighter color near tip of the “flame”.

I assembled three tootsie logs into a triangle and then placed the flame candies in the middle.

I then took a pretzel stick and topped it with a mini marshmallow and leaned it just slightly over the campfire.

For the Cake (large cupcake) I baked it in a special two part mold in the shape of a large cupcake and then put it together frosted and decorated the same way only difference is on the big cupcake cake I added a squirrel and owl decoration and more larger flames and logs. I also added more marshmallow pretzle sticks.

I guess you could use food color to make it look like the marshmallow got some color over the flames, LOL. I thought of this afterwards and the cupcakes were all eaten up.. oh well next time.

I had seen some cracked candies on that food network cupcake wars, when one of the contestants used candy for fire. I think it worked out great for not knowing what she made her flames from on the TV show. I don’t even know if she won? I do know that these were winners at my house!

Momma Says: Easy way to ice the cupcakes is a Ziploc baggie, I put a cheap frosting tip in a tiny hole I made in a bottom corner of the bag filled with my icing and it piped like a charm! No expensive equipment needed. I have even used baggies with no frosting tip, before I found my cheepie ones and it still works great!

Campfire cupcakes and cake.