Creepy Bento Lunch

creepySMALLYes another Halloween bento lunch for kiddo today. I am pumped up cause we decorated the house last night or should I say Hubby finally added the extensions cords so everything I did outside a few days ago ( AHEM)  would be lit up and ready for Halloween. Kiddo loved it and it was just the right amount of scary and cute!

So today I used a food cutter on my kiddos sammi. It was a skull and I felt it needed the black food coloring cause I could not see the mouth detail in the GF bread. Not sure if I like it but kiddo will so no real worries.  Inside the skull face sammi it is meat and cheese. I added some broccoli fillers around the edge.  On the opposite side I added some weird long grapes called witches fingers (how appropriate) some cut up strawberries on top of some broccoli slaw, I put a skeleton hand across the top of the fruit.  Below is a kinda graveyard with a cucumber tombstone with RIP carved into it, a skeleton decoration a sweet and tiny yellow pepper painted with a pumpkin face, carrot cut out with a face painted on again with food color, meat flower with some bony shaped picks sticking out.

I think this Creepy Bento Lunch will be a fun and spooky time for kiddo today. Really it was simple the hardest thing was maybe carving the cucumber but that took maybe a minute or two.

Momma Says: Using gel food color you can PAINT some fun in your lunches. It works great on cheese! Plus you can adjust how dense of the color you need better with gel than the liquid food color. FUN and creative give it a try!

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