Salt Dough fun family time

Salt Dough fun family time

My daughter loves dough. She even gets a little from the corner pizza place to play with when we dine in the restaurant. So she was very excited to make this craft at home. Think of all the orniments you and your kids can make for Christmas. It would be a cool thing to see over the years all the ornaments as your little ones grows up. Plus no worries that they will eat it and get sick like some cheap imported brands sold in the stores.  Then make your own.  No cooking necessary, so that is always a plus. Make salt dough, if they put it in their mouth it will be to salty and they wont want to do it again.

Recipe is:

1 cup flour

1 cup salt (fine grain is best)

1/2 cup water (little more if needed)

food color optional

* heard you can add vanilla to inhibit mold growth (if kept in plastic baggie for future rainy days) and to make it smell nice.

Put all the ingredients in a large zip lock type plastic baggie, I put the water in slowly, little at a time until right mixture forms. Have the kiddos mix away.  Squishing the bag is half the fun watching the dough form.  The baggie helps with the mess if you dont like getting your hands sticky and dirty until dough forms (know some kids who are like this).

You can let the creations air dry or bake at a low temp. like 200 until hardened.

Your little one can paint the harden dough sculptures with acrylic paints if you did not previously dye the dough or leave natural for pretty look also.

Momma says sit and craft with the kiddos, the darn dishes can wait..