Spooky Hello Kitty

SpookyHelloKitty Halloween month is officially here! So I just had to make this bento. My family loves Halloween and I am to excited to decorate the house and gear up for this holiday.

Today’s Halloween lunch bento is based around one of kiddos faves Hello Kitty. Plus I love the sammi punch I have for those quick and easy lunches.

Spooky Hello Kitty Bento is a tortilla sammi (turkey and cheese) GF & DF meats and cheese used. I added a witch hat to her and a little pepper star. Above her is a cucumber slice with a nori black cat on it, carrot pumpkin, meat flower with a pepper star and some lettuce tucked in around it.  Opposite side is a piece of corn on the cob with a spider ring on top, another pepper star, two broccoli pieces and a strawberry.

Momma Says: With the help of a great cutter this bento was quick and easy. You can find them online or use Extra large cookie cutters (I found some cool ones at William Sonoma yesterday cant wait to use).

Spooky Hello Kitty

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