Hello Kitty Bento Lunch

So with no inspiration this morning I went to Hello Kitty to rescue my bento for kiddo’s lunch. Making “girly” food is so easy with Hello Kitty, because all you need is her cute face and a few flowers and picks. That makes it quick and easy.

Today’s Hello Kitty Bento Lunch started with the kitty head. It is a small container I got a few years back at Easter time when the Bunny left her at the house. She is filled with dried fruits, next to her is some broccoli, cherry tomato with a heart pick. flower cut out carrot, piece of baby corn. Above is two finger sammies with turkey and cheese, a marshmallow hidden under two purple grapes on a leaf pick. there is also an egg with a cheese star and another small piece of broccoli.

MommaSays: TIP-  I think what helped this bento not be all washed out in white colors from the bread, egg and kitty is the fact that I placed alot of other colorful things on and around the blander items. Even if it is just a bit like a pice of different veggies go for the color!

Hello Kitty Bento Lunch

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  1. Jenn says:

    So cute! I love how Hello Kitty makes everything better :D

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