Halloween Bento – Pumpkins

Yea October is here and now officially can make Halloween Bentos! I had a pumpkin patch bento in mind all morning and could not wait to make it with our leftovers from dinner. I had some cute picks that inspired me to do this.

So for this bento I used the mixed veg in a Halloween paper liner with a pumpkin pick in the middle, next to him ia a ghost and pumpkin pick in her mash, below is her GF meatloaf with some homemade sauce on top ohh Yummy! 

(check out my recipe ( http://mommasays.net/1053/cute-bear-bent…eatloaf-recipe )  On top of the meatloaf is dairy free cheese cutouts of a tombstone and a scary kitty, both painted with food coloring. Next to the meatloaf is some tiny tiny apples we got from apple picking the other week.

I must admit that I was going to paint on the faces to the apples or use nori but in my rush to get all the kiddos out the door and since I did my bento in the morning I overlooked a big part of my design and forgot to do that, so I pasted it on this photo so you would know what my bento would have looked like finished.  I hate it when I get distracted in the morning aarrgghh. Yea I cheated here, but I will always admit it, so there you go…

Those mutant apples are so tiny but sweet, my kiddo loved them. We might have to go back and pick a bagfull of just them! If you live in the Colorado Springs – Pueblo area I highly reccommend checking out Happy Apple Farm. See my review from last year (  http://mommasays.net/143/happy-apple-farm ).

Momma Says:When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown

Halloween Bento – Pumpkins

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