Ultimate Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe To Get A Smooth Punch On Party

Vegas Bomb Shot

A Vegas bomb is a great beverage to make at home with companions. Crown Royal, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and caffeinated drink are the principal elements of this shot. This Vegas bomb shot recipe is a delightful stunner that will assist you with pushing the party along until quite a bit later. a mixed drink will push the party along the entire evening! If you haven’t partaken in a night with companions in some time, or then again assuming you’re simply aging, it may very well be more enthusiastically to remain alert and stimulated than you recollect. Fortunately, there’s a mixed drink for that!

The Vegas Bomb Shot is a work of art! This blend of liquor and caffeine would have been effective. As one of the better ‘bomb beverages’ out there, the vegas bomb is incredibly famous with party attendees, students, single gatherings, and anybody visiting Las Vegas. The caffeinated drink, sugar, and alcoholic combo are to the point of firing up anybody. It’s regularly portrayed as one of the ‘most outstanding beverages ever’ and it’s even been referenced in films like The Hangover.

On the off chance that you are exceptionally touchy to caffeine, you would likely partake in this on a vacation evening or any ideal opportunity to have a great deal of energy. It is otherwise called a Vegas bomb shot. It’s ideal for Bachelor parties, female gatherings, college students, or any individual who needs a little shot in the arm to traverse the party.

What is a Vegas bomb?

A Vegas bomb shot is a style of mixed drink made with an illustrious flush shot, which comprises Crown Royal bourbon, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice dropped into a caffeinated drink. It probably gets its name from the entire night party scene in Las Vegas. It is known as a bomb since you are dropping the shot glass into the bigger glass and getting a major sprinkle, the same way you would get an Irish vehicle bomb or Jåger bomb, Vegas bomb jello shots.

Vegas bomb recipe ingredients:

  • Crown Royal
  • Cranberry juice
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Energy drink


  • 2 oz Shot Glass.
  • Pint Glass.
  • Napkins/towels – relying upon how you drop the shot glass into the 16 ounces glass you might wind up with some sprinkling of fluid over the highest point of the glass. We attempt to make these on a plate so it is simpler to tidy up.
  • Mixed drink Shaker – You can blend the four-shot fixings in a mixed drink shaker and shake them over ice then, at that point, strain them into a shot glass to ensure the flavors are combined as one.

Vegas bomb shot recipe procedure:

This recipe requires 2 glasses, a shot glass, and a bigger glass. I would suggest making this in the kitchen or outside if you have anything sprinkled out of your glass.

  • Pour Crown Royal, cranberry juice, Malibu rum, and  Peach Schnapps into a shot glass.
  • Set out a glass of Red Bull in a bigger glass, similar to a 16 ounces glass. I suggest filling it around a 1/3 of the way up.
  • Tenderly drop the filled shot glass in the caffeinated drink and serve. Do whatever it takes not to drop the shot glass from high over the 16 ounces glass or you may have a major sprinkle.

Customizing options for a vegas bomb

  • Assuming that you have a sufficiently huge shot glass, pour the Crown Royal, cranberry squeeze, and peach schnapps into it as opposed to isolating them as expressed in the recipe.
  • Add a sprinkle of Malibu rum.
  • Avoid the “bomb” and simply add the vegas bomb recipe shot to the caffeinated drink.
  • Utilize Red Bull or your other most loved caffeinated drink.
  • Assuming that you favor everything super cold, shake your shot fixings with ice in a mixed drink shaker before adding to the shot glass and dropping in the caffeinated drink.
  • Go ahead and eyeball the alcohol extents or change them to suit your taste and resistance.
  • Trade the peach schnapps for butterscotch schnapps.
  • If you don’t do caffeine, attempt seasoned carbonated water rather than the caffeinated drink.

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  • Ensure the caffeinated drink is chilled before planning.
  • To do the “bomb” part of the beverage, you can join everything in the glass together and drink it without the shot glass.
  • You can substitute the Crown Royal with your cherished bourbon.