Hoppy Day Bento

 My bento for kiddo today is HOPPY Day Bento and indeed it is.  We got a lease on a new place and we are very excited to finally be in a house, we hope to lease there for a few years to see if we like that area. If all goes well we hope to one day purchase a home in that area.  So that is why HOPPY DAY!

Enough about us and on to the bento… Hoppy Day is carved into an apple and if you look close there are bunny foot prints at the top. Some sweets added this time, my kiddo will be SOO happy! There are 3 little marshmallow cupcakes (gotta love Easter time, best candies to buy), some cucumber slices below it, turkey flower, and the so cute bunny PB & J sammis on bagel halves with cheese bunny faces and tails with nori face details. Also some turkey roses with a carrot in the middle and a left over carrot just tossed in.


Loving Easter time here, I hope all my readers have a fun filled and blessed Easter!

Momma Says: Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there. ~Clarence W. Hall

Hoppy Day Bento

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