Product Review: Nordic Ware Spring Celebrations Cookie Cutter Plaque

Since using the cookie/bread stamp I bought at Disney while on vacation see my post

I now look at cookies cutter-stamps in a new light. One that caught my eye while shopping at Target the other day was Nordic Ware Spring Celebrations Cookie Cutter Plaque. 


 I liked the designs it has and that it was double sided so you get twice as much  fun for your dollar! 

I would imagine if you were using it since it is one piece and no holes you would have to flour first before using it for cookie stamping, but since I was using bread there really was not a problem. 


I think it turned out pretty cute and I know my kiddo will love it, but there were some constraints to use.

First since there are 4 to a side you need to cut your bread (dough for cookie) to fit the spot you want which is really no biggie but it is something. Secondly with bread since it is soft and generally thin you need to press the inner design with your fingers to get an impression since the relief design does not stick out too far as like my disney stamp. I would imagine with dough you just roll out thicker.  I plan on using thicker bread slices or Texas Toast size next time to see if that helps with the impression.

In all I liked it and the designs are SO CUTE! I think it will make a wonderful addition to my bento stash of stuff.

Plus now I also have an excuse to make some sugar cookies ;)

Momma Says: Look out of the box for ideas and things to inspire your creativity, you never know what you may find.

Product Review: Nordic Ware Spring Celebrations Cookie Cutter Plaque


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