Hello Kitty Again

Hello Kitty Again here, can girls really ever have too much of her?  She is so cute, plus I felt like making a total girly bento for my kiddo today and Hello Kitty for sure fits that to a T.

I made Hello Kitty by using the rice mold to cut out the face shape in the turkey and bread, then used the cutter to make the cheese bow and sprayed it with food color to make it red. Nori eyes and whiskers (one fell off- oops) cheese nose. She has a little bunny egg with hot dog ears, nori eyes and nose cheese flower.  I also added some cherries, cucumber, hot dog heart, baby corn with carrot shaving, blueberries with a sugar flower on top, cherry tomatoes and a apple carved with flowers and polka-dots.

Tip: In a apple just use cheese cutter flowers (or whatever shape) and push to just break skin then take a sharp knife and peel skin to make cute flower decoration. Don’t forget to dip apple in orange juice to keep it nice and fresh looking and prevent browning.

Momma Says: Love this quote “Pink isn’t just a color it’s an attitude” – Author Unknown


Hello Kitty Again

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8 Responses
  1. bobo says:

    I love this, how sweet.. great idea on the flower apple!

  2. Anonymous says:

    sweet both.. hello kitty and rabbit ;)

  3. lovely hello kitty and bunny :)

    • MommaSays.net says:

      Thanks so much, my kiddo loves Hello Kitty, she is an animal girl not so much a barbie or baby doll girl so Hello kitty is both girly and animal for her best of both worlds!

  4. Wow I really like this bento! I love that awesome apple, thanks for the great tip!

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