Things to Consider When Selling a House to a Cash Buyer

Selling a House to a Cash Buyer

Moving home is one stress many people would gladly avoid. It’s no wonder the rate an average person moves home has significantly reduced over the years. Unsurprisingly, the number of people looking for companies that buy homes for cash has increased, with many homeowners looking to avoid the hassle of house selling.

Unfortunately, not every buying company out there is to be trusted. This is why you need to be careful when dealing with a property cash buyer. Here are some helpful tips to consider when selling your home to a cash buyer.

Where are they based?

Every company should have a physical office address, which should be included in their website. Look at where their offices are located and see if they look authentic. The office location is also a simple and effective way to gauge a company’s legitimacy.

Check for reviews

One effective way to measure a company’s credibility is by going through customer reviews. Sites such as Google Reviews are an excellent place to check for reviews since it has strict usage rules.

Do they really want to buy?

Unfortunately, some companies put misleading advertisements posing as property buyers when they are, in fact, estate agents or a listing service. Hence, it would be wise to ask for proof that the company themselves are purchasing your home and not selling it to a third party.

Upfront charges

Find out if the company charges any fees for their services and move to the next buying company if they do. Keep in mind that a reputable company shouldn’t charge you fees and will cover all legal and estate agency fees.

How long will the process be?

Find out how long it will take for the company to buy your home. If they suggest a longer timescale for your liking, ask if they can speed up the process. For instance, it shouldn’t take more than six weeks since most companies have cash funds readily available to make the process go faster.