Laser Hair Removal is Permanent! Is it a Fact or Just a Myth?

Laser Hair Removal

This is certainly the most common question asked and indeed one of the biggest misconceptions about lasers. Many people are confused regarding it and when they hear from the majority that no hair removal conduct is long-lasting, they take a step back.

How permanent is laser hair removal?

Without even knowing the reality of lasers, how can you consider them temporary or permanent? To clear such doubts we have written this article for you. It will help you in knowing the longevity of lasers along with the precise figure for sessions you must attend to perceive for a lifetime benefit.

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Want to know about Lasers?

Though laser hair removal treatment is around us for years and has benefitted millions of people worldwide. It’s relatively a very safe process when done by an expert doctor. Advancements in its technologies have made this successful even for darker skin tone so there is no need to go for painful electrolysis or other techniques like shaving, waxing, tweezing, and so on.

To figure out which laser is best for the patient, dermatologists consider some aspects like individual skin tone, hair thickness, and previous treatment info. Keep in mind that if you’re about to get lasers then strict with some guidelines from the doctor as in case you’re near the periods’ phase there is a chance of extra sensitive skin which can lead to painful laser treatment. So having prior detailed consultation is mandatory for secured results.

Reality behind Permanent Laser hair Removal 

Let’s come to the point. Is it permanent or not? In short, it’s. But for some people, it reacts temporarily too. Read further to know WHY!

As everyone knows outcomes vary on an individual basis. Luckily, a huge range of people has perceived permanent benefit from laser hair removal treatment. They are the ones who don’t hold excess hair growth.  

The truth is that after the first appointment you get hair-free skin for months. Normally after this conduct, you need to get another laser session to prevent the further growth of hair. However, the hair grows after lasers aren’t much denser at course than what you had before. Touch-up sessions might be needed one to two times in a year or perhaps more than this. Beyond any timing, it can also depend upon the area of coarse hair.

Can I maintain laser results for a lifetime?

Surprisingly yes!

You all have might hear that “without frequent follow-up sittings you can’t maintain lasers results for a lifetime”. This fact is certainly true but there is something unexpected in it. You can uphold lasers affect forever without even sticking with the lifetime post sittings. Yes, we’re talking about everlasting hair-less skin deprived of any tension.

The hidden reality behind this concept is just going for frequent laser sessions before the new hair follicle arises. Lasers typically work on the concept of destroying the hair follicle from its root through the heat provided by the device. The destroyed hair gets permanently removed for sure they don’t come back but new ones can appear. So simply get another laser sitting and don’t let the new hairs come. As long as heat destroys the hair follicles from depth so there will be no chance of hairy skin again.

By following this strategy you can enjoy the permanent benefit of laser hair removal.

How permanent is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal results can last for one to two years or maybe more than this. Typically 3-8 sessions have found enough in most of the cases for lifetime comfort. If you get yearly touch-up sittings then you may enjoy smooth skin for years without any hair growth. And if hair comes, they would be much lighter in density than before but don’t panic. As we have mentioned above, get one more laser session and adore forever comfort.   

Best figure of SESSIONS!

According to expert dermatologists, maximum of 8 sessions have been found best almost for everyone. But they shouldn’t be spaced much. Just keep one thing in mind. Don’t delay to take laser treatment. Also don’t even let the new hair-follicles arise.

Results of two sessions can be adored for at least a year. So by having its 8- sittings you can simply perceive hair-less skin for a lifetime.

Wrapping it up!

Laser hair removal works by heating the hair follicles and stops them from further growing. It’s found permanent with frequent 6-8 sittings. Even though if hair grows back they’ll be thin, lighter, and very few. The best thing about this treatment is that it’s painless and can be used on any body part or even full body.

How permanent is laser hair removal?

I believe that you don’t grasp any doubt regarding this query but still in case you wish to know more, please visit the nearest clinic or you can also meet Dubai’s laser experts at Dynamic clinic.