The Source of David Dobrik’s YouTube Success

David Dobrik's

David Dobrik is one of the top YouTubers in the world, with over 20 million subscribers and billions of views. He is best known for his funny skits, vlogs and pranks that have made him an internet sensation. His channel has been around since 2013 and has grown in popularity ever since. With the help of his ensemble cast of friends, the Vlog Squad, he has risen to the top of the YouTube leader board. To celebrate his success and immense reach, here is a look at the source of David Dobrik’s YouTube success, including his most successful videos and how he has achieved such success.

YouTube Career 

David Dobrik started his YouTube career in 2013, posting weekly vlogs and comedy sketches. In the early days, he made comedic sketches with his friends and family and began to amass a small following. He soon realized the potential that YouTube had, and began to make content with more of a purpose. His videos became more professional, the content was more engaging, and he started to create videos that people wanted to keep watching.

Vlog Squad 

One of David’s biggest accomplishments was creating the Vlog Squad. He gathered some of his closest friends and family, and they made videos together on a regular basis. This group of people has been with him since the early days and continues to contribute to his success. This group not only helps make David’s videos more entertaining, but also makes them more relatable to his viewers. 

Successful Videos

David Dobrik’s videos have gained immense popularity, and his channel has been extremely successful. Some of the videos that have had the most views include “The Breakup Prank on My Girlfriend”, “The Gift Exchange Prank”, and “The School Prank on My Best Friend”. These videos have been watched millions of times, and have gained a lot of attention for their funny and creative content.

Business Model 

In addition to his YouTube channel, David Dobrik has established a successful business model that allows him to monetize his videos. He has partnered with companies such as Coca-Cola and Verizon, which allows him to generate revenue from sponsorships and product placements. He also has a line of merchandise, which provides another source of revenue. 


David Dobrik has achieved immense success on YouTube, with over 20 million subscribers and billions of views. His success is due to a combination of factors, including his ability to create content that people want to watch, the help of his Vlog Squad, and his successful business model. He has been able to monetize his videos and become a global sensation, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

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