How to Improve Your Makeup Vlogging by Using a Selfie Ring Light

Want to know the secret to flawless makeup and even better selfies and videos?

Just ask some of Hollywood’s top makeup artists and photographers, and they’ll tell you that lighting is everything. The wrong lighting can ruin both your makeup routine and your photos.

This is why top makeup artists and beauty vloggers use ring lights. It emits the ideal light, allowing you to apply makeup evenly and take stunning photos.

Are you thinking about purchasing a selfie ring light? You’ve arrived at the right place. Today, we’ll discuss the significance of a ring light for makeup.

Why are Ring Lights Ideal for Makeup Vloggers?

Your online content’s lighting can make or break it. Your lighting should work together with your makeup to bring out highlight features. When your lighting is poor, it can colorless your makeup and make you appear muted. That is why top photographers and makeup vloggers prefer ring lights. 

Why Should You Use a Ring Light for Makeup?

A beauty ring light isn’t just for vloggers and YouTubers; it can also benefit the average makeup fan. Here are two major reasons why makeup artists and makeup mavens should invest in a ring light:

Diffuses Light

When it comes to makeup lighting, brighter is better. Wrong. Traditional fluorescent lighting is the absolute worst for achieving a flawless appearance.

This is because it makes your face appear too bright, causing you to overcompensate with bronzers and blush to compensate for the lack of color.

A makeup ring light selfie casts the right amount of light on your face. It also lets you set the brightness settings so your skin doesn’t look washed out.

Distributes Light Evenly

Spotty lighting produces even more splotchy makeup. How can you shape your brows if only one side of your face is lit?

A ring light distributes light evenly across your face. This allows you to quickly cover each area of your face and blend your makeup.

Nothing is worse than looking in your mirror and finding that your concealer is a messy. A ring light will aid in the prevention of such makeup blunders.

What Should You Look For in a Ring Light?

The market is flooded with various types of ring lights. Overall adjustability is always desirable, but narrow your search by looking for the following key features:

Light Intensity Control

A ring light with multiple settings allows you to match your lighting to your makeup colors. It also allows you to control coolness or warmth in your photos or videos.

LED Lighting Fixtures

When fluorescent light bulbs become hot, they flicker and make a humming sound, which is inconvenient when filming a makeup vlog. As a result, choose a ring light with an LED bulb.

LED light bulbs provide consistent illumination and outlast fluorescent bulbs.


Do you intend to do flat-lay photography or display your makeup on a table? A ring light with an adjustable neck is required. With a gooseneck ring light, it’s easy to point the light down.

Ring Light Lighting Capability

Look for ring lights with high lumen output and a high color rendering index. Ring lights with high values in these categories will provide more light output on the lit subject. Colors will appear more unnatural if the CRI value is low. A higher CRI value improves color display and makes your makeup look stunning.

Last Words

Buying a selfie ring light is the best option if you are a makeup artist and make vlogs daily. With the help of this post, you will know all the benefits of using these lights. Level up your makeup vlogging with these lights and bring some changes.