Best Flowers and Cakes Combos For Your Father

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Fathers deserve to be celebrated every single day of the year, they deserve to feel loved and special on all the days. You don’t need to wait for special occasions like Father’s Day or Parent’s Day to make this special man in your life feel important and loved, do it at every chance you get, on any and every day, in whatever way you can. 

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You don’t need to always do something grand to make him happy, even the smallest of the things can melt this man’s heart and bring an immediate smile on his face. For example, even if you just get him a bouquet of fresh flowers, or get a delicious cake, or take him out for a match, or get him a mixed tape of his favourite songs- you have no idea how happy you will be making him. What you consider to be a very small gesture, for him it’s big enough to make him smile the whole day. Yes, it’s that simple to make your father feel loved and special- this strong man has the softest heart when it comes to you!

If you are looking for some amazing flowers and cake combo for your dad, don’t forget to go through the list given below- it has some great combos of gorgeous fresh flowers and freshly baked mouth-watering cakes: 

  • Smile of princess: Do you know what’s better than a combo that has just flowers and cake? One that has flowers, cake and chocolates. Yes, you read that right. This fantastic combo has 6 stem purple Orchids, 3 yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and a delicious chocolate cake. 

You can even get Midnight Flower Delivery in Mumbai, which means, you can even surprise your dad randomly at midnight on any random day (or a special day like his birthday, Father’s Day, etc.). What are you waiting for? Place your order already!

  • Sunshine Delight combo: Yellow roses are an instant mood lifter, don’t you agree? If you want to fill your father’s day with lots of positivity and happiness, this combo is the one you should go for. It has 20 gorgeous yellow roses wrapped in red premium wrapping paper and a butterscotch cake that will just melt in his mouth. 
  • Sunrise truffle treat: Do you want to choose a flower bouquet that’s as colourful as your father makes your life? Well, then this is it. This gorgeous fresh flower bouquet has 12 mix Gerbera flowers and a delicious dark chocolate truffle christmas cake online (it’s not just delicious but extremely beautiful too!). 
  • Wow beauty: If you think men don’t like the colour pink, you are wrong. They do, they just don’t talk about it because they have been conditioned to feel that boys are not supposed to like pink as it’s a feminine colour. Give your dad this amazing combo and just see the smile on his face- it has 15 pink roses and a freshly baked butterscotch cake.
  • Wow delight: We love flower basket arrangements, do you? Well, in that case you can choose this fresh flower arrangement for your father- it has 20 yellow roses in a basket arrangement and a black forest cake that tastes heavenly. Your father is going to really appreciate this gift!
  • Wonder of joy: Is there anyone who doesn’t like red roses? We don’t think so! It is the universal flower of love and therefore if you are looking for a red roses bouquet to remind your dad how much you love him, this combo is the most perfect gift that you can choose for him. It has 15 beautiful red roses in a bouquet wrapped in white premium wrapping paper with a red ribbon,and a delicious butterscotch cake that is going to instantly make him happy. 
  • Sweet melody: Only one type of flower is sometimes just not enough for this special man, isn’t it? Well, in such cases, a bouquet that has two gorgeous types of flowers in it makes the most perfect gift. This combo has 20 pink roses along with 6 exotic purple Orchids, arranged in a cane basket, and one yummy black forest cake.  

Gift a combo to your dad and make this special man’s day a thousand times better instantly. It’s a great way to show him how much he means to you!