Tips for Planning an Unforgettable First Birthday Party


A child’s first birthday is a highlight for the whole family. To celebrate this event brilliantly and mark this date with a white stone, find out below for original ideas to celebrate with pomp.

My first birthday is getting organized. Indeed, when your child gets older, he shares his wishes for a birthday party. After 5 years, he asks to invite his whole class. This imposes a minimum of organization.

The recommendations are as follows, take out your notebook and your pen, because there is plenty to take notes (you can also print it or copy and paste your favorite passages …

The 3 prerequisites for a successful birthday party:

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than to celebrate life. And in fact, celebrating a first birthday deserves attention to the smallest details. To celebrate this happy event in style, here are 3 practical tips to make the right decisions: 

What day to choose to celebrate a 1 year anniversary?

To celebrate the first candle of your little one, the ideal is to do it on the weekend. This will give you the assurance that everyone will be present. If you plan to invite other children, Wednesday afternoon is a date of choice since the schoolchildren are on leave. The last option at your fingertips is a small weekday dinner with a few relatives. And not to miss anything about the organization of the first birthday of your little angel, discover on Cotton Bird original invitation solutions.

What budget should you plan to celebrate a 1st birthday?

The expenses to be expected depend on the type of event you wish to organize. It goes without saying that a small party at home will cost you less than a celebration in a restaurant or in a rented room. The decoration, the choice of gifts, the number of guests, the specifics of the buffet, etc., are so many factors to take into account to define your budget.

What decoration or theme to choose to create the desired atmosphere?

Note that only 1.1% of children’s memories are those made before the age of 3. Suddenly, it is useless to panic in the decoration of your house for his first birthday, your dear toddler will not remember it. And guests are coming to wish Happy birthday to your baby.

Go for simple and colorful things: blue, red, green, in the form of garlands or balloons. Small clarification anyway about the balloons, be careful not to inflate them too much, the risk of explosion may frighten him.

As you know, the first character you give him at birth as a plush will certainly be his traveling companion for a few more years.

You can then dress your walls and your table on this theme.

If, however, you want to put together a work of decoration, space, Indians, superheroes, cowboys, etc. are excellent boy birthday themes. Girls’ birthday themes revolve around fairies, unicorns, rabbits or even ladybugs.

For the occasion, you can take the opportunity to dress up your child by opting for a wide variety of baby costumes. Little dragon, cute dinosaur, adorable lion or even giant pumpkin, there’s no shortage of ideas.

The details to remember for the organization of the 1 year!

What to do to eat?

The time of the event is a determining point in the preparation of your dishes. More for your guests than for your child, at this age the menu can be simpler. The cake sublimated by its candle will in any case have a great effect on your baby. It will also depend on the time of day, whether it is a snack or a dinner.

The cake

For its first birthday, the cake will mainly be for the guests. Once the candle is on the cake, the baby will be amazed. Give it a boost so the star of the day can blow it off.


Once again the drinks will be more for the attention of the guests, the bottle will remain in the baby’s mouth. 

Should you make invitations?

For his first 12 months, making invitation cards is of little interest. For this first event, a text message or a phone call will be more than enough. A baby’s participation can be appreciated, a photo of him as an invitation for example! Remember the basics: date, time and place.

How many people to invite for the 1 year old baby?

Too many guests will panic baby, for his first birthday, limit yourself to grandparents, godfather, godmother, or even very close friends. If your cherub has already made a few friends, maybe you can invite a friend or two.

What time do we start

Your child has their own pace. It is therefore better not to rush him into his habits, especially if he gets tired and you have to wipe out a tearful fit. For his first birthday there is more festive. After a nap is the best time for your guests to arrive. And, if there are other kids, everyone will be more willing to have a good time. Very often the nap is between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., try to plan the time of baby’s wake-up, it will be the time of arrival of your guests, and the snack will be the time to celebrate his birthday.

What time does it end

Not too late, at that age, the children get tired quickly, all the more so if there are a few people to take care of him. 2 or 3 hours are more than enough for a great day out with family and friends, by the way who are the guests?

The place

For his first birthday, baby better feel safe, so your home is perfect. In addition, you have everything available, diapers and bed to take a nap, by the way …

Birthday gifts

First of all, it will be pointless to cover it with gifts at that age, it is almost more the container than the content that interests them. He can spend hours playing with the packaging. But, for his first birthday, it is advisable to buy him early learning toys, because he will appreciate anything that makes noise and light.

You can also encourage him to read with hardback books, bath toys or even a gift that is made to last such as a swing.

If your child isn’t walking yet or is not yet very well, you can also invest in a baby walker or other toy to teach him to walk.

The most beautiful ideas to blow out your first candle

A child’s first candle is an emotional event. However, it is important to find the right formula to celebrate it brilliantly. For this, we have selected 4 original ideas:

A family brunch to fully enjoy the day

Having a Sunday brunch is the winning trick in bringing everyone together. Halfway between breakfast and lunch, brunch will allow you to share a meal that is both sweet and savory. In addition, you can spend more time among your loved ones.

A pajama party for children

How do I celebrate my baby’s first birthday? This is the question that often comes up in couples. A slumber party is a particularly interesting idea to celebrate a first birthday. Invite the children of family and / or friends, set up a nice decor for the bedrooms, select some good movies and voila! By the way, don’t forget to stock up on treats and games. If a few adults are present, a small cocktail accompanied by a light dinner will do everyone good.

A birthday to celebrate at the beach

Under a bungalow or on the terrace of a restaurant which gives access to the sea, you can organize your event near the beach. For a touch of originality, you can for example invite your loved ones to participate all dressed in white. Besides the meal itself, do not hesitate to provide entertainment for the children of the family (bouncy castle, beach toys, kites, etc.).

A celebration in pure family intimacy

Do you want to enjoy this day with your spouse and possibly your children? So, all we have to do is organize this first anniversary in complete privacy. To do this, you can order a birthday cake , give the baby some toys and end the day with a photo shoot. Alternatively, you can take an original outing in an amusement park or in a water park. Another possibility is the restaurant evening, which is more than enough to celebrate the birthday with the small family.