engagement ring

If you are asked to picture a gold ring with a diamond, you will most likely associate it with an engagement ring, or even a wedding ring that is worn by a woman. 

On the other side of the spectrum, if you were asked to picture who would be the most likely to wear a thick, silver metal ring, you would probably state a man. However, in the last few years in male fashion, as silver has become more expensive, more men are wearing different types of metal, with titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten being more popular options.

Why is this the case? Yes, price is one of the reasons, but there are many more and here, you will be introduced to why so many men are opting for tungsten rings. 


Most men who are looking for a ring are looking for one that is simple in style or may even have some Celtic or other types of knotwork carved into it. While this can be found with silver rings, these designs are often deeply carved into the metal, pushing the price up.

Tungsten rings can have these patterns carved into them, but due to the nature of the metal itself, they can also be placed on top of the metal or can be embossed, without putting the prices up. Thus, there are more designs available when it comes to tungsten rings, so head over to newmanbands.com to look through their unique patterns.


If you order a ring online, or in a catalog that is made of silver or gold, you may notice that there is a smaller range of sizes available. The reason is simple. It is not cost-effective to make gold or silver rings in larger sizes, as it would cost more, and then the price would be higher. 

So, if you are a man who has larger fingers, tungsten rings can offer a wider range of sizes, so you will likely be able to find one that fits you. 


Silver is silver, and gold is gold. Great selection. However, if you are looking for a ring that has a hue, or even a tint to it, then tungsten may be the best metal to have a ring made from. Why? Many men love the range of colors that tungsten rings come in, with some being mixed with blues, greens, and reds. So, this metal can be worn with any outfit and will look stylish.


OK, so it is worth skimming over the price once again. Tungsten is a more affordable metal, but the prices do vary. Cheaper tungsten rings are usually mixed with metals like nickel, which can cause allergic reactions. However, if you aim for the higher end of the price range, you will find pure tungsten rings, which are inert and will not impact your skin. So, take note of the price but, even on the higher end, it won’t be as much as you think.


Tungsten is durable, and many men are surprised at how much weight and pressure these rings can take. Of course, take care not to apply weight to them too often, as they may break, but generally, they are considered very sturdy.