Dining Room Furniture

Are you in the market for new dining room furniture? Has your current furniture served its purpose and you’re finding it no longer works with your style and/or needs? If that’s the case we’ve got some tips and criteria that you’ll want to keep in mind as you start the shopping process. These will help ensure that you find exactly the right furniture for your home.

What Is the Best Table Shape for the Room?

A good place to start is with the shape of the table that would best suit the room. When it comes to dining room tables, you can choose between round, oval, square and rectangle. Each one has its pros and cons and some will be suited to small spaces whereas others are better suited to large rooms. 

If you’re unsure of which one would best suit your space, try flipping through some home décor magazines and visit furniture showrooms in person. By doing this, you’ll see which styles catch your eyes. In general, a rectangle table will seat the most guests at once whereas a round table will seat the least. This may help you to make a decision.

How Many People Do You Want to Seat?

This brings us to the next question, how many people do want to seat at once? Do you typically host small intimate gatherings, or are you the house that hosts the entire family for holidays and special events? The size and shape of the room will be the main factor in deciding how many you seat, as you’ve got to work with the space you’ve been given.

Do You Want a Matching Set?

When shopping for dining room furniture, you’ll find it’s very common they are sold in matching sets. This means the table matches the chairs, so it is a cohesive set. While this may be your preferred look, others prefer something more customized and would rather the chairs and table work together rather than match perfectly.

What Kind of Material Do You Like for the Table and Chairs?

There is also the question of what material you like best for the table and chairs. While wood tends to be the most popular, it’s certainly not the only option. Those who like a more modern look may prefer some sort of metal, or a glass-topped table, for example.

Will You Be Redecorating the Dining Room?

It’s important to also ask yourself if you want to work with the current décor and color palette in the dining room, or if new furniture will be the springboard to a whole new design concept. 

What About Storage in the Dining Room?

Finally, it’s smart to think about storage in the dining room. Some stores will feature a collection of storage options that coordinate with the dining sets so you can build a complete look. You can check out options such as these at locations like Kettle River Furniture & Bedding, a dining room furniture store.

Ensuring that you are well-informed and understand all the criteria to look for means you’ll find dining room furniture that is perfect for your needs.