If you’re thinking of heading off to the Midwest to start a new life, you’re in good company. The population of Columbus grew more than 10% in 8 years and continues to grow. There is no doubt it’s a popular and bustling city and a sought-after location. So, what do you need to know about moving to the ‘fly over’ city?


The most popular feature of Ohio is the ‘the great river’ Ohio which runs 981 miles. There are several smaller rivers located throughout Columbus. A fantastic sight and a great attraction to the area. There are also many beautiful parks situated with the city to provide a fabulous combination of city/green living. 

The climate in Columbus is distinct. If you enjoy the changing of the seasons, you will not be disappointed. The Midwest enjoys scorching summers and freezing winters with lots of snow.   Tornados are common in Ohio, so be prepared to keep up with the news so you can prepare if a tornado is a forecast. Most houses have basements that can protect you if you’re at home. 


Buying a home in Columbus can be tricky. The housing market has skyrocketed in recent years, making available and affordable homes a challenge to find. Make sure you employ a real estate agent with an excellent reputation to find you the house you the right property. Alternatively, you could rent somewhere. There are lots of rentals available to address the lack of property to purchase. 

If you are planning on retiring to Columbus, there are a variety of assisted living options. First, you can search Danbury Columbus to read about the advantages of assisted living and the packages available to suit your needs. It’s a good option if you have some medical needs or want to connect with the senior community in the area. 

Another advantage of living in Columbus is the low cost of living compared to the other states. With high pay scales and low living costs, Columbus has become a desirable option for settling in. 


If you are a lover of art and performance, Columbus has an excellent reputation for entertainment and arts. You won’t need to look far for outstanding theatre productions and musical extravaganzas. In addition, there’s an annual jazz festival and outdoor live music at a selection of venues throughout the city. 

If you enjoy a bit of cultural diversity, you’ll find lots of museums and galleries to wander around and take visitors to. If sports are your passion, you’ll discover many sporting events, and it has become a leading sports destination for many. 

For the foodies, Columbus is a real treat for the tastebuds and has become known as the food capital of the Midwest.  There is diversity amongst the culinary scene and something for everyone. You can also enjoy a selection of craft beers at the local breweries. 

Moving to a different state or city is a big step, but there is something special about Ohio that draws people there every year. So, take the plunge and enjoy the new start.