At this time, we may be ushering in the third stage of life, “male menopause”!

What is male menopause?

Not only for women, male menopause is rarely mentioned, but it also needs to be taken seriously. The age of menopause may vary depending on each person’s physique, but most of them occur after 40 when male hormones begin to decrease.

Male hormones are transmitted throughout our body through the blood. In addition to strengthening our muscle mass and maintaining physical function, it also plays an essential role in improving our judgment and understanding. Therefore, when we welcome men During menopause, many symptoms begin to appear throughout our bodies.

Symptoms of male menopause

During male menopause, due to the gradual decrease of hormones, subtle changes occur in our body and mind. One of the most powerful male hormones is testosterone. In addition to male reproductive function, it is also related to various body metabolic functions.

Therefore, we may encounter the following conditions during male menopause:


  • Start to lose interest in things
  • insomnia
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • disturbed
  • Depression


  • Joint pain
  • Muscle ache
  • Increased sweating
  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue easily
  • Get fat
  • Frequent urination

Low physical function

Some of the psychological symptoms of male menopause are similar to those of depression. The most significant difference is whether it is easy to lose weight. Low male hormones during menopause, body fat and visceral fat may increase. Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 Use to get their energy back as in young age. If you still maintain your youthful exercise and eating habits, you will be more prone to weight gain; depression Cases are more prone to weight loss.

How to get through male menopause

The most significant cause of male menopause is due to low male hormones. We use some external assistance to increase male hormones to make us more comfortable.

Competitive games: For example, all competitive activities such as golf, tennis, or go, checkers, etc. can increase the secretion of male hormones. In addition, when you publish your work or go singing with friends and get praise, it is also very effective.

Exercise: As long as our muscles are appropriately stimulated, male hormones can be increased. It is suggested to do some weight training to strengthen muscle endurance or do more aerobic exercises for ten minutes a day. 

Sufficient sleep: During the day, the highest peak of male hormones is in the morning and gradually decreases in the evening. Therefore, to allow the hormones to be secreted naturally, it is recommended to have enough sleep so that the body can adequately adjust its state.

Relax: Excessive stress will reduce the efficiency of our secretion of hormones, so try to do something that can be relaxed, such as an excellent hot spring on holiday or doing something you like.

Get rid of the discomfort of menopause!

Both men and women have to face physiological changes and troubles during menopause. Taking women as an example, they will enter menopause around the age of forty-eight on average. With ovarian atrophy and hormonal insufficiency, the body will gradually appear chaotic states such as flushing, osteoporosis, low sleep quality, and unstable temperament. To put it more directly, These are phenomena of aging. Although birth, aging, sickness, and death are the natural processes that living beings must go through, obstacles can still be overcome by feeding and nourishing methods to delay aging and relieve discomfort.

Each of us will get old, but being healthy and dignified is compulsory learning for modern people. If you live a long life without being healthy, it is painful torture, and it will also lose the happiness of the whole family. Therefore, we should face the aging process more actively.

Use food and drink to fight menopausal disorders.

After entering menopause, due to the gradual decline in resistance, it is easy to catch colds and get sick repeatedly. With the increase of age, the metabolism slows down, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose index rise successively and even suffer from chronic cardiovascular diseases.

It has the most potent enzyme and can be useful in a short period to improve menopausal symptoms. Yams and soybeans contain natural hormones and plant alcohol. Moderate consumption can slow down the obstacles of menopause; while drinking, you can ingest the starch and fiber of yam, which is especially suitable for people with weak physique and insufficient energy.

Burdock ginger soup and brown rice clear soup can be used as thirst-quenching teas. The inulin in burdock is arginine that promotes hormone secretion and can slow down the speed of body aging, brown rice. The clear soup is smooth and delicious, providing essential protection for body cells. The elegant and sweet Huangqi, Jujube, and Wolfberry Soup is relatively warm, which is perfect for people with a cold constitution.